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If you are concerned about dead or stuck pixels forming on your display monitor, maybe you should turn it off whenever you’re not using it, to prolong its lifespan.
However, you can also turn to third-party software solutions such as Animated Aquaworld Screensaver that can help you prevent the above events from taking place while also decorating your workspace.
Underwater screensaver
This program was designed to help you prevent dead or stuck pixels from forming on your screen, but also decorate your workspace whenever you’re not around.
After you install it on your computer, Windows’ native “Screen Saver Options” window will appear, where you can preview the screensaver in action or adjust its settings, depending on your needs.
Sound effects included
Like other similar screensavers, this one comes with a series of sound effects and music. Unfortunately, turning them off is not an option, but not because there are no dedicated controls. Even though you disable them, they keep on playing, which can be a nuisance for some users.
What’s more, you don’t even to hit the “Preview” button, as the sound effects and music begin playing shortly after you launch the “Screen Saver Options” window and select Animated Aquaworld Screensaver.
Multiple sceneries
This screensaver is actually a collection of background images with a bunch of animations that are displayed on top of them. It is possible to change the default background image by clicking the “Settings” button in the “Screen Saver Options” window and using the arrow buttons.
Setting one of the images as your wallpaper is also an option. From the same window specified earlier, you just … Read the rest