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In his book, The Game-Players of Shepperton, William Gibson describes a peculiar new game that people at the cutting edge of computer technology are suddenly playing, and it’s hard to imagine how they’re enjoying themselves.
It’s called I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream.
Never before has a game of so intense and morally confusing a design been successfully made. It is a game that challenges you to solve mind-boggling puzzles and rescue some damsels in distress by means of intricate traps and riddles.
It is a game in which you must evade trap after trap, puzzle after puzzle, all of them guarded by powerful and unpredictable monsters.
The game world itself is a marvel, a strange, vivid, bizarre dreamscape. But it’s a dream that is never quite dream-like.
You know that you are not dreaming because the dream world of I Have No Mouth is very much alive.
The monsters are not just traps, monsters – it’s insane, it’s really in you. And it’s a real living organism, one that understands that if it lets you go, you might never come back. It’s true. If it lets you go, if it gives you the chance to escape from the maze of traps and puzzles, it doesn’t care if you never make it back. For a game it is a frightening, exciting, bizarre creature.
Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, about which Ellison has said, “It’s a near miracle that anyone ever got to make a game out of that.”
Requires: Dual monitor support, Two Intel i5 processors, Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or higher recommended, 2 GB RAM, Windows 7 or higher, Web connection and about an hour of time.
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