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Amyuni PDF Suite Free [Win/Mac]

Amyuni PDF Suite is a useful tool for a number of purposes. It can be used for document generation and creation, as well as for the most common document manipulation tasks.
The application contains a number of features, including…
• Create and convert PDF documents
• Insert external documents
• Create PDF watermark
• Sort and encrypt PDF files
• Sign, merge, protect and send your PDF documents
• Convert to and from various formats, including HTML and JPG
• Sign document
• Watermark document
• Sign and encrypt document
• Sort document

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For Developers

Amyuni PDF Suite Features

Visual designer
The maker can be set into an interface, presenting two main blocks: editor and workspace. The latter is where you can add new fields, place new items and arrange elements with mouse. The tool also offers left and right navigator, which you can click through to display some fields.
Document style selection
The maker has a collection of predefined styles, such as Monospace, Sans-Serif, Baskerville, Old English etc. These are applied in real time, when you click on them, and can be individually modified or removed.
• Monospace
• Sans-Serif
• Helvetica
• Old English

Secure document creation
You can sign and encrypt a document while editing it, adding security to PDF files.
• Sign document
• Encrypt document

PDF elements
To make PDF files complete, the maker includes a collection of predefined elements, like text fields, drop down menus, buttons, text box, images, columns, lines, shapes, text frames, tables and a lot more. You can customize elements by clicking on them, or add your own definitions.
• Drop down menu
• Button
• Text field… Read the rest