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Amidst Crack Free (April-2022)

If you're looking to enhance your Minecraft playing experience, you can use Amidst (Advanced Minecraft Interface and Data/Structure Tracking) to view the world map based on the seed. It reveals the spawning point, region types, NPC villages, witch huts, deep ocean areas, Nether fortresses and others, all accompanied by coordinates.
Shows Minecraft world maps based on the seed
The tool's extremely helpful if you want to find the perfect seed for creating your Minecraft world, discovering your surroundings if you're already playing on a map, locating objects and areas (like Mesa or mushroom islands) quickly instead of spending countless hours wandering the biomes, or learning your character's position and finding your way back home if you're lost, by loading a saved game.
To be able to run Amidst, you must have Minecraft installed and an unmodded profile created. It autodetects the Minecraft edition at startup and can show the overview of a map by specifying a seed number, or it can just load it from a random seed.
View biomes, NPC villages, witch huts, fortresses, and more
The map is swiftly generated, so you can check out the spawn point, color-coded regions, or special areas like NPC villages, desert temples and witch huts. You can move the mouse over an object to learn what it is, zoom in and out, navigate the map by panning, as well as click the pencil button on the lower-right corner to be able to highlight biomes.
Shortcuts are available for jumping to any location (by coordinates) as well as for going to the world spawn, player or any stronghold. Some layers can be hidden to spot the other ones easier. Also, besides generating flat worlds, Amidst can show overviews for flat, amplitude or large biomes. The seed can be copied to the clipboard to … Read the rest