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Alles Paletti
Alles Paletti (Film 1985)
Alles Paletti. Hanz-Filme im Hanser Filmhaus. Hanns-Film: Alles Paletti.
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Alles Paletti (1985) Alles Paletti (1985). Alles Paletti.
Category: Alles Paletti. The following pages are in category “Alles Paletti ()”. The following pages have been loaded by the OpenLoading. Alles Paletti (1985). A family has lived in the house for four generations. The whole life of the family is concentrated in the house. But one day they all have to leave the house. One of the neighbours bought the house from them. Now the husband can not find work. He has debts and he has to leave the country. Three of his sons and their mother are living in a caravan. But they are also looking for a house. Alles Paletti
La famiglia di Venedig…
Alles Paletti (TV Movie 1985)
Jetzt ist alles vorbei!
Alles Paletti (1985)

Još što vam ljudi ne prijavljuju…
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Glasovi: Norma Campić, Laura Brogič, Hermann Bröcker, Peter Lohmeyer, Josef Rovenský, Franka Flegarová, Ondřej Podlaha, Martin Rudolf, Anita Lipovšek.

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