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This was made for the purpose of online multiplayer. You will be able to play against friends or random people online. The story mode I plan to add later on.
1.Put your files in the above directory and overwrite the data files in the download with the ones in the corresponding directory.
2.A simple setup.exe
3.Put the smsaudios.bat file in the same directory as the setup.exe and run it. A config will appear on screen
4.In the config choose Multiplayer with the server name of multiplayer.
5.You are ready to go!
Version Info:
Game Version: 1.1
Console Version: xbox360, ps3
Platforms: Windows
File Size: 108mb

A fast paced, arcade style driving game with unlimited mode that rewards reckless driving. Up to 8 players can race to end in style. Jackpot Frenzy is much more than a game it also has hints, tips, achievements, high scores, friends and achievements.
In Jackpot Frenzy your goal is to make it to the end of each race with as many points as possible. In the lead you’ll get the most points, but if you happen to be last in the race. You can use a hidden power up such as a turbo, nitro or nitro boost to get you back to the front of the race.
• Multiple game modes
• Up to 8 players can play online/offline
• 10+ tracks and 14+ vehicles to choose from
• 30+ achievements
• 19 levels with hints and tips
• Multiple game modes to try out:
– Solo, any against the clock
– Survival, finish the race
– Race against friends, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3
– Blast into the skies with the UFO pickup
• 3 car types: race car, SUV, heavy truck
• 14+ vehicles to choose from… Read the rest