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The most interesting part of the game is the system of birth, growth and decay. Your character will be growing as you play. Each part of the character’s body will have a positive or a negative influence on the character’s general condition. Such as:
For example, if you play melee combat, you will be able to get a better sword.
The system of growing is implemented, but it will be in the nearest future implemented completely.
A feature which we’ve not yet implemented, is the presence of special powers. Each NPC will have his own unique power. Whenever the player comes near to the NPC, the NPC will activate its power.

Furthermore, we plan to add:
– It’s possible to influence NPC’s actions.
– Choosing a path which can change your general direction of travel.
– Crafting special weapons and armor

Features planned soon:
– Character growth system. When you become a child, you will get some skills and progress in your life, which will affect your growth.
– The NPC will be more interesting and challenging to defeat and they will have their own special powers and a chance of repeated activation.
– The system of growing implemented.
– Hidden quests system.
– It’s possible to influence NPC’s actions.
– More stories about the history of Ancient Siberia.
– Variety of weapons, magic and armors.
– Ability to teleport.
– The power of the God of the Underworld.
– Battle for resources and buildings.
– PvP system.
– Player’s PvP system.
– Guild system.
– Hunting system.
– Animals system.
– Fishing system.
– System of changing day and night.
– The history of the world of Ancient Siberia.

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