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* **Photoshop Elements** was designed to address the most common challenges faced by photographers, graphic designers and Web designers, including retouching, compositing, web design, e-commerce, photo repair, special effects, resizing, image creation and more.
* **Adobe Lightroom** is a digital photo management application that allows you to organize, manage, edit, enhance, share, print and export your images. The application’s built-in capabilities enable you to view, edit, batch duplicate, delete, edit settings and perform many other common tasks.
* **Adobe Photoshop** is the premier professional image manipulation application for creating and editing raster images. It allows you to create, modify, and manipulate images. It’s also common to use the term _Image Shop_ for this software.

## Getting to Know Basic Tools

Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom, and Photo Mechanic are all _raster_ photo editing tools. Raster image editing tools can create shapes, lines, pixels, and their variations, and manipulate them to create more complex images. You create shapes in Photoshop by drawing a line or box on the canvas. _Layers_ enable you to isolate parts of an image. Photoshop’s Layers feature allows you to draw on the canvas or on a layer and to change the transparency of each part of an image independently. You can fill in pixels in the canvas of a layer to create a new image on it.

You’ll learn about all these tools in this section, including the tools for retouching—such as selecting, moving, and erasing pixels—along with the tools to create, modify, and combine images. Because Photoshop is such a powerful image manipulation tool, we can’t cover everything about it in this book. If you’d like to use it to create some special effects and visualizations, … Read the rest