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The software is available for Windows and Mac. You’ll need to purchase and install it yourself. New versions are available at any time. Adobe provides downloadable trial versions of Photoshop.

Getting to Know the Interface

A creative person could spend hours over a lifetime building up his or her collection of digital photographs. The appearance of an image on screen may be the only change it ever sees.

The interface for Photoshop includes a number of pieces or panels that can help you manipulate an image. The layers panel enables you to adjust an image at the level of pure color, tone, and contrast. You can tell which adjustments you’ve applied, and which layers you’re working with, by the color of the layer bar at the bottom of the image window.

A well-designed program like Photoshop enables you to do a lot with very few mouse clicks. Here are the sections of the interface.

Tools panel: This panel allows you to view the tools you’re using, select them, and use them. You see the tools just under the panel’s right edge. If you move to the right and click the window’s right edge, you find the tools collection with a preview of what you’re selecting.

Layers panel: The Layers panel, located at the very bottom of the image window, is where you can see the layers of your image, as well as which layers are being applied to each adjustment. You can click a layer name to change the setting, add a new layer to the picture, change the layer settings, or set its opacity.

You also see the new merged layer you create in a new layer when you duplicate, or copy, layers. You can duplicate … Read the rest

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Adobe Photoshop

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