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Introduction to Photoshop

Cinema 101: Understanding the basic principles of film, the different types of images, and their different uses.

2. Understanding Photoshop

Introduction to Photoshop by Joe Dolce

3. Digital Photography

Introduction to Photoshop by Simon Cook

6. Embed Images in HTML

Included Video Tutorials

7. Organizing Media

8. Automating Tasks

9. Character Animation

10. Future Directions

2. Understanding Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a highly complex piece of technology. Therefore, to understand how it works, you need to learn the fundamentals. The easiest way to learn is to take the steps and follow along with the tutorials in this guide.

To minimize confusion, all the tutorials in this guide will take place in the “templates” folder of the Welcome to Photoshop 2012 Tutorials folder that you opened from the “2. Understanding Photoshop” tutorial on the main page. (This tutorial assumes that you already opened up a folder in the “Welcome to Photoshop 2012 Tutorials” folder.)

When you first run the tutorials, the “templates” folder may have a document named “2.1. Creating a New Document” which is the tutorial you are following. If it does not, you will need to rename it to the name of your tutorial.

Image manipulation in Photoshop typically involves a series of steps that involve modifying layers by using features such as selections, retouching, cloning, and other settings.

2.1 Creating a New Document

You can create a new document by right-clicking (⌘-clicking on Macs) on an empty part of the image you are working on. This creates a new layer in the same canvas.

2.2 Inking

Once you have made a new document, you can start inking. This is where the image is ready for erasing.

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