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Accent WORD Password Recovery Crack Download (Latest)

Password recovery tools are everywhere you look, but Accent WORD Password Recovery promises to make everything a lot easier, while remaining at least as effective as all the other apps.
And truth is, Accent WORD Password Recovery indeed relies on an user friendly environment, reducing the whole password recovery process to just a few clicks.
First of all, you need to open the locked Microsoft Word document, letting Accent WORD Password Recovery scan the file and show you details such as protection type, recovery speed and maximum supported password length.
There are three different attack modes to choose from, namely brute-force, dictionary based and brute-force with mask attack, each with a dedicated pack of settings. The brute-force attack for instance prompts you to define some password attributes, such as characters that may be used, minimum and maximal length and other parameters.
Of course, you need to configure the rules, which concern the dictionaries to be used in the process, but nothing so complicated to ruin your day.
As it usually happens with password recovery apps, Accent WORD Password Recovery needs some time to complete its job, but this also depends on the overall length of the password and its complexity.
The options screen on the other hand gives you the chance to speed up the process a little bit by changing application priority, but don't forget that this could also affect the overall performance of your computer.
All in all, Accent WORD Password Recovery is a handy software solution that indeed recovers MS Word documents passwords, trying to target all types of users with an intuitive approach.







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