Starting the last year of school (US), I have some questions : Dentistry


Entering 4th year (US) pretty soon here and I have lots of questions; I am not going for residency and looking to practice in private practice or community clinics right after graduation. Any insight appreciated. Thanks

What should I be focusing on during my last year in terms of procedures?

What should I learn more of? Any CE?

When should I be looking for potential offices to look for jobs?

What are employers looking for in terms of qualifications for new grads?

Are they looking for volunteer experience, research, leadership positions, number of procedures?

What are some red flags in an office that I am interviewing in? Any red flags in general?

Anything you would have done differently starting out?

How do I know which labs are good to work with?

How do I know which specialists to refer to?

How much are you guys producing starting out, 6months out, and 1-2 years?

Any unforeseen challenges?


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