Sores along the side of my tongue after having a crown put on : Dentistry


I am a devout bruxist. I try my best to wear a night guard, but I end up spitting it out during my sleep. Recently, I’ve been developing small sores on the left side of my tongue, and boy do they hurt! My dentist has to prescribe me miracle mouthwash sometimes. The bumps come and go, so I know it’s not cancer or anything serious.

However, these sores didn’t develop until after I had a crown put on one of my upper teeth on the same side. So, I made an appt to have things checked out, and my dentist concluded (after examining me and doing bite tests)that my bite was fine and that the crown was not causing the sores.

I just can’t believe it. It’s too coincidental.

And I asked her if she could smooth my teeth out on the inside, and she did… yet it still hasn’t helped!

I don’t know what to do. My tongue constantly hurts and looks all funky on that side. If I could afford a professional bite guard, I’d try that.

Any advice?


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