Should I get a second opinion?

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I went to the dentist today due to some pain I'd been having. I assumed it was due to a large hole I have recently discovered in one of my back teeth, but we actually discovered it was my wisdom teeth! Ok no problem. The dentist and his tech each took quick looks at my tooth with the hole in it and decided I needed a root canal. I figured they were right.

Tonight I began researching root canals and was finding things implying that they're a pretty big deal, almost like a last resort. Signs of needing a root canal are discoloration, pain/sensitivity that doesn't go away, infection, etc. … I have none of those issues.. my teeth are sensitive, that one is not any more so. It causes me no pain. No signs of infection. Just a large hole.

Would it be worth trying to find a different dentist to look so I could get their opinion as well? But maybe this dentist really is right? that's why I'm asking you guys. I'm not sure what to do.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks. 🙂

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