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Hello, I wanted to get a second (more like third) opinion on whether or not I should get a root canal on my front left tooth. I had never been recommended a root canal until I saw a local dentist a few months ago. A little backstory:

When I was about 13 years old (around 10 years ago), my sister hit my head against the computer desk which chipped my left front tooth (about 1/3 of it was chipped off). So I had a porcelain veneer placed on it then. Over time I noticed slight discoloring, but nothing too severe.

A few years ago I had another veneer placed over it since I wanted the color to match my other tooth better. Well i’ve also noticed since then the tooth has still darkened a bit, not extremely noticeable but it’s darker than the other tooth which bothers me. I went to two dentists recently, the first one was just for a general cleaning but had noticed some damage to the root from an xray. Thats when he recommended I get a root canal, which shocked me because after all my dentist visits over the years (every 6 mo) and all xrays ive had, I had never been recommended it. He asked if that tooth was sensitive to hold/cold, which it is sometimes (then again I have sensitive teeth in general) but it doesn’t really hurt out of nowhere. I wanted a 2nd opinion so went to a dentist specializing in cosmetic dentistry.

He took xrays as well but then showing me the xray, pointed out that I had a small infection starting at the root of the front tooth where there was damage. It looked like a very small darker spot on the screen, and he recommended I get a root canal as well. I asked if there was any other route I could take or possible hold off a bit since I have (hopefully) many more years I would have to deal with possible complications from the procedure but he said he wouldn’t feel comfortable just fixing the tooth to look better knowing there’s an underlying problem/infection.

Im sure many would say just trust the dentist is right and go ahead and get one, i’m just so worried something will happen and terrified of the procedure (never had a root canal but have had some fillings). Also, i’ve heard of root canals causing more issues down the road and as i’m still quite young really want to avoid that. Then again, I know an infection (according to that dentist) can cause issues as well, but also, this current discoloration of the tooth is really bugging me as well.

Any advice/suggestions is appreciated!

TLDR; I had a chipped tooth over 10 yrs ago, over the years it has become slightly discolored (despite having veneers placed on it) and 2 dentists say I need a root canal. Should I trust that and go ahead with the procedure or wait?


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