Severe throbbing pain in face from infected tooth : Dentistry


I’ve been having trouble with tooth #14 for a long time now, around a year I have had 3 courses of antibiotics previously for it and finally went to start the root canal last Friday. Before the root canal I only had minor pain from the tooth, no swelling etc.

Since then (8 days on) the entire left side of my face hurts, I have a severe headache, all around my nose hurts, up into my eye socket. It doesn’t even hurt around the tooth but the entire left section of my face. The pain is a solid 8/10 at all times.

I went to see the dentist on Tuesday about this (5 days after the root canal started) and he said that the pain is normal and to take stronger painkillers and go back to see him next week in 7 days.

My worry is that the infection could be spreading into my face and jaw bone? Is this possible? And is it normal to have this pain in my face following root canal? It’s a very deep throbbing pain


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