Sensitivity after orthodontic assistant used drill to remove “glue” on attachment but seemed to be removing enamel as well : Dentistry


What should I do? Last time I had sensitivity on a new filling, it took persistance and two visits before the dentist stopping dismissing my concerns. Turns out that the dentist missed an old cavity. He went my bad, it’s the exact color of your tooth after he saw a very obvious cavity on the xray. This time, it’s the orthodontic assistant. Orthodontist did not stop by to check her work, though it was just putting on the attachment.

Day 1 Started Invisalign. Attachments kept popping off at first too but the people who installed them were very delicate with the drill. No sensation of tooth being removed. No sensitivity.

Day 2 One of the metal attachments on back molar popped off, necessitating me to go in again. No sensitivity at this point.

Lady who helped me seemed to be pressing too strongly with the drill and too long to remove “glue”. She was older than the other assistants perhaps the oldest, which I had hoped meant more skills and experience but I don’t know if her technique was bad or what. I was getting the sort of pain when dentists drill into the enamel for at least a few seconds. I feel like a few of those drill swipes were removing tooth. She put the attachment on, I went home and found sensitivity to cold water. I checked with the mirror but it didn’t look like she left a hole or anything, though because of the attachment, I’m not able to examine it very well.

Day 3 Sensitivity is still there, as sharp as ever, whenever cold water touches the area she drilled

Other info: orthodontic office is a highly rated, expensive place, Invisalign preferred provider

My main concern is, this wouldn’t be considered “trauma” to the tooth would it? Any danger of the nerve dying? When should I make a fuss about it if it doesn’t go away?


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