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SecretSync 5.5.1911.21 Crack+ For PC

SecretSync is a free software that gives you:
* Free space for your sync.
* Completely autonomous access, always-on and complete remote access to your sync
* Integration with Dropbox
* Exercises more than 300 checks without reaching Dropbox limitations
* 3 levels of security:
SecretSync is a file sync control software that gives you access to your files even when the cloud service is not reachable.
After the first sync, using SecretSync is almost like accessing your cloud files directly.
SecretSync is a peer-to-peer software.
SecretSync uses the Dropbox API to synchronize your files.
SecretSync supports Single user, multi-user mode and groups.
SecretSync offers real Time encryption of your data.
Your data are encrypted at the level of the computers.
SecretSync uses PGP and AES encryption keys.
SecretSync comes with 20 themes, each with its own special colors and configuration.
SecretSync stores everything in your Home folder.
SecretSync is compatible with the most commonly used Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android.
SecretSync is a multi-user application; once you create a sync, all your users can access it.
SecretSync will work on 2GB space of your Dropbox storage or less.
SecretSync may create problems on old computers running older operating systems. It is recommended to update your computer to Windows 8.
Current version of SecretSync 0.4.16

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SecretSync 5.5.1911.21 Crack+ [Updated-2022]

SecretSync Free Download is a password manager which works as an extension for your Dropbox account.
SecretSync Full Crack encrypts your passwords into one single file (and your private key is never stored on our server).
You just need to keep this file safe and in sync between your computers (via Dropbox) and your safe place.
SecretSync For Windows 10 Crack will make sure that all your passwords are really unique and safe, and that your password history isn’t going to be leaked.
SecretSync Cracked Version is designed to be extremely easy to use.
You just need to start your sync session by creating a new folder to store your encrypted files.
SecretSync will download all the files you need to create your encrypted folder.
All you need to do is to sync your folders with the encrypted folder, and at the end of the sync, you’re done!
SecretSync will automatically encrypt all the files you put into the encrypted folder.
The best way to access your files is to log in to your Dropbox account and visit your encrypted folder.
After that, you’ll be able to browse, open and edit your files as you normally would with the files stored on your Dropbox account.
SecretSync usage:
– Sync encrypted files between your computers and your safe place (anywhere you want).
– Auto-synchronize a folder with the encrypted folder.
– Use offline mode to synchronize files to your computer (when Internet connection is unstable or blocked).
– Lock or remove a file with your own password.
– Sync encrypted files even if they’re stored in an email address.
– Create an encrypted folder to store your secret files.
SecretSync Summary:
– SecretSync is a password manager with an auto-encrypted folder.
– SecretSync will download your confidential files into your encrypted folder.
– You can import files from external sources.
– You can access your encrypted files in your Dropbox (via the website or your application) while SecretSync will keep your online sync safe.
– You can create a custom folder to store your encrypted files.
– You can also access your encrypted folder (directly or via the app) when you’re online or offline.
– SecretSync will synchronize all the folders you selected in the app.
– You can set a Password and password history to get rid of multiple login.
– SecretSync auto-generates a secure token so you can use it in any program.
– You can change the format of your secret file (as JSON, CSV,

SecretSync 5.5.1911.21 With Keygen

SecretSync uses client-side encryption to give you absolute privacy and control over your files.
With SecretSync you are the only one responsible for managing the private key (included with the app). You are in total control of when and how you sync your files and the rules under which you sync them.
* Create a new free, private, and encrypted sync folder on Dropbox to sync all your files and folders.
* Protect folders with smart permissions.
* Use a custom sync secret key that will allow access only for you.
* Create custom rules for folders synchronization to protect your sensitive information.
* Automatically sync your files when using online sync utilities like Dropbox.
* Configure on-demand server backups to save your data in case of emergency.
* Use your own sync secret key.
* Full-featured search and sync controls to help you manage your sync rules and folders.

[Start a SecretSync]( and follow instructions.

# SecretSync helps you convert your Dropbox folder into a secure and encrypted folder on your computer.
# Once installed, SecretSync will automatically sync all your data so that all your information stays private, encrypted, and secure.
# Create a new folder on your computer to keep your sensitive data safely on your hard drive.
# SecretSync supports all standard sync folders, including the following:
* **Personal** —Contains all the personal data that should be protected.
* **Company** —Contains all the confidential business information that should be protected.
* **Contacts** —Contains contacts, Skype information, and so on.
* **App and Bookmarks** —Contains website bookmarks and other web resources.
* **Saved Games** —Contains games, app information, and so on.
* **Virtual Machine** —Contains all the saved files of your virtual machine.
* **Video** —Contains any videos saved in your Dropbox.
# Create and protect folders on your computer.
# Use optional server-side encryption to create a cloud-based secure backup of your folders.
# Use custom sync rules to protect your data on your computer.
# Use optional on-demand backups to save your data in case of emergency.
# Follow instructions to convert Dropbox into a secure and encrypted tool to protect your confidential information.

## Setup SecretSync

# Start a SecretSync on your computer

What’s New In SecretSync?

★ Simple, Intuitive, and Accurate
SecretSync is effortless to use. You simply drag and drop files into SecretSync to sync them locally and securely. No cryptic configuration settings or esoteric commands. Simply drag and drop to share your files with anyone.
★ Stay Secure
SecretSync is private and secure. It encrypts your Dropbox and synchronizes using 256bit AES-256 encryption provided by CloudMagic.
★ Multi-platform
SecretSync works with all major platforms such as Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. This means you can use SecretSync across different devices and operating systems.
★ Built for Sync
SecretSync is built for syncing. It handles large files, large folders, and allows you to sync more easily and faster.
★ Powerful Sharing Tools
SecretSync gives you powerful sharing features. You can choose to share any or all of your data and even force other users to sync specific folders.
★ Instant Backup
SecretSync is an instant backup tool. It can backup anything on your Dropbox, and restore it instantly.
★ Free
SecretSync is a free tool. However, you can use SecretSync free of charge during Beta period only. If you’re not using it for a business or project, you can download a standalone SecretSync app and use it for free.
SecretSync Features:
★ Easily Sync Files
SecretSync uses a simple drag-and-drop interface to easily sync your files. You can even drag and drop local folders to sync them with an online directory.
★ Powerful Sharing Tools
SecretSync gives you powerful sharing tools. You can choose to share any or all of your data and even force other users to sync specific folders.
★ Free
SecretSync is a free tool. However, you can use SecretSync free of charge during Beta period only. If you’re not using it for a business or project, you can download a standalone SecretSync app and use it for free.
SecretSync Requirements:
★ Desktop App
SecretSync requires a desktop app. However, you can use SecretSync free of charge during Beta period only. If you’re not using it for a business or project, you can download a standalone SecretSync app and use it for free.
★ Memory
SecretSync uses limited memory and works best on desktops and laptops. This means it is not suitable for mobile devices. However, a standalone app is available.
★ Optimized for Mac
SecretSync is optimised for the Mac platform. For

System Requirements For SecretSync:

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