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Sat2biologypracticetestpdf ^NEW^

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You can use « –number-fields » switch (like « head » switch) to limit output to first
line. (Options) –anything · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
$ wget -O – | awk -F’/|\
/ {print $1}’ | awk ‘!a[$1]++’

If you want to use exactly ONE week more, it can be done in two steps:
1) Get date, output format and filename with this code:
$ wget -O – | \
awk -F’/|\
/ {printf “date=%s,outfmt=%s,filename=%s
“,$1,$2,$3}’ | \
awk ‘!a[$1]++’

2) Use “date +%Y-%m-%d –date=” to create several files with this code:
$ for d in {0..63} ; do wget -O – | \
awk -F’/|\
/ {printf “date=%s,outfmt=%s,filename=%s.%d
“,$1,$2,$3,$d}’ | \
awk ‘!a[$1]++’ ; done

After that, every file will be named by the date used in step 1.
For your sample, you can use something like this:
$ for d in `seq -w`; do \
wget -O – | \
awk -F’/|\\

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