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SasCam Webcam Server Crack + Torrent (Activation Code) (2022)

Clean and simple looks

Configuration settings

Performance and where it falls short

Bottom line

Software Name:

SasCam Webcam Server Torrent Download



System Requirements:

2 GHz dual core processor

Minimum of 2GB RAM

150 MB of free hard drive space

Minimum system requirements

SASCam Webcam Server – Webcam broadcast software for free (Freeware)SasCam Webcam Server is a very easy-to-use software solution that helps you broadcast webcam content on the Internet, allowing other users to view the images using a simple browser.
Clean and simple looks
The interface may seem a bit unprofessional at the first glance, but the word that defines it is simplicity. The good thing is that it helps the app get the job done pretty well.
Everything’s pretty easy to use, so beginners should be able to figure out how to use the application even if there’s no help file included in the package.
Configuration settings
SasCam Webcam Server allows you to configure the video source and format, with dedicated tools to adjust video quality and frame rate.
Users who want to view your webcam can connect to the server using only their browsers via your system’s IP and port 8080. Also, make sure that you’re firewall isn’t blocking incoming connections, so that the application is able to establish new ones.
Performance and where it falls short
SasCam Webcam Server goes easy on system resources without slowing down the computer at all. If we were to vote for an improvement, we would most likely go for a more stylish interface and advanced settings to configure not only the port, but also the video you’re streaming.
Bottom line
All in all, SasCam Webcam Server does what it says, but nothing more. It’s just a basic application designed to allow other users on the Internet to view your webcam, so there’s no support for advanced configuration settings.

Reliability and the number of their supporters:

The main thing is that the application doesn’t crash, and the installation procedure was easy (two clicks only).

What we don’t like:

No video quality adjustment (no advanced settings for that).


If you’re looking for a free, easy-to-use webcam broadcasting software, SasCam Webcam Server is a good choice. It’s also pretty useful if

SasCam Webcam Server Download

Simple and powerful

Free to use

Shows your webcam to others

Internal IP camera support

No downloads

Edit and save videos and pictures

Webcam control


No advertisements

Custom web layout

Has a sleek look

Time and date stamping

Start the webcam at boot

Custom cameras

Works on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows platforms

Works on mobile and desktop

Active on the Internet for you

Total screen capture

Time recorders

HD and SD video support

Image viewing

Selectable picture-framing background

Image shooting

Auto screen capture

Image file conversions

Image viewing & photo sharing

Advanced image editing

Image slideshow

Adjust webcam size

Adjust webcam microphone

Camera adjustment

Adjust webcam flashlight

Adjust webcam sound

Video mirroring

Camera time stamping

Requirements for SasCam Webcam Server 2022 Crack:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Internet connection

IDR files (.IDR) required. IDR files are uncompressed video format files used to make standard computer video files. It creates compression by rearranging the colors in the image.

1 files were found

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SasCam Webcam Server Crack+ Product Key

Webcam broadcaster software that helps you to share your camera’s video, images and sounds with other Internet users. All of your webcam’s images are represented in a web page and can be viewable by others at any time. You can turn on or off the video stream and adjust the image quality. You can even record the current image or simply display images from a USB stick. There are also several tools to customize the appearance of your web page. You can choose between a countdown timer for each image or a small image of the current time. The sound played when the images are displayed can be customized. You can even use the program to record other IP addresses and transmit them to others as video files.

SASCam Webcam Server Key Features:

Webcam broadcaster software that allows you to broadcast your webcam stream.
– See your webcam’s images as a streaming video.
– Easily display images taken from a disk or USB stick.
– Adjust the displayed image’s quality.
– Set the file name of the captured image.
– Record the current webcam’s image.
– Set the images to be displayed after a specified number of seconds or a specified time.
– Set the image’s position and position the current image.
– Set the image’s size.
– Set the image’s transparency.
– Automatically start a countdown timer.
– Set the sound played when the images are displayed.
– Set the image size and position.
– Set the start time and end time of the recording.
– See all of the interface’s details.
– Control the webcam’s video stream.
– Set the image quality.
– Start and stop the application and control the camera.
– Join and leave the camera’s network.
– Use the software to collect images from a USB stick or other network devices.
– Start and stop the application and control the camera.
– Join and leave the camera’s network.
– Use the software to collect images from a USB stick or other network devices.
– Start and stop the application and control the camera.
– Join and leave the camera’s network.
– Use the software to collect images from a USB stick or other network devices.
– Start and stop the application and control the camera.
– Join and leave the camera’s network.
– Use the software to collect images from a USB stick or other network devices.
– Start and stop the application and control the camera.
– Join and

What’s New in the SasCam Webcam Server?

With SasCam Webcam Server, you can easily broadcast your webcam video on the Internet, allowing other users on the network to view it using a simple web browser. This way, people can watch you anytime and anywhere, as long as they have a browser.
Video Broadcast
SasCam Webcam Server allows you to broadcast your webcam video in real time and while you’re away from your computer. This makes it easy for people to watch you, even if you’re not physically available.
Facebook Share
SasCam Webcam Server allows you to share your video on the social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Just upload the video and it will instantly be shared on those websites.
Web Recordings
With SasCam Webcam Server you can record webcam video and save it in 3 different formats, including AVI, WMV, and MP4. These records are portable and available wherever you are, and you can even play them on other computers.
Additional Features
SasCam Webcam Server offers additional features that will help you to share your webcam video. Here are some of them:
• Wake-up Timer
You can make your webcam video visible when you’re ready. The wake-up time can be set in hours and minutes.
• Bandwidth Limitation
SasCam Webcam Server limits the maximum amount of users allowed to view your video.
• Maximum video quality
You can set the video quality you want for broadcasting your webcam video, and it will not be any lower than that.
• Available Application
SasCam Webcam Server allows you to broadcast your webcam video even if you’re away from your computer.
• Easy webcam broadcasting
SasCam Webcam Server allows you to broadcast your webcam video using only your browser, without installing additional software or drivers.
• File Save
You can save your webcam video as a file and play it later on any other computer.
What is new in this release:

This update includes new features:

• Optimization of the video source
SasCam Webcam Server now supports several video sources, including Windows webcam, iPhone, and Nokia.
• Keyboard navigation
When you are streaming, you can now control the video quality and webcam broadcast.
• Improvements in the wake-up timer, latency, and reliability
SasCam Webcam Server now features a new wake-up timer that you can set, latency, and reliability improvements.
• Stability improvement
SasCam Web

System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i3, i5 or i7
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 12GB of free space
Mac OS
OS: OSX 10.7 or later
Processor: Intel Core i3 or i5
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 320M or AMD Radeon HD 5670

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