Root canal after care pain questions : Dentistry

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I just got a root canal 2 days ago on Friday. It was on #25 I believe. My bottom front tooth. The first day I felt fine but yesterday I had some pressure/throbbing pain and today I have a little pain. I was prescribed antibiotics as well that I’ve been taking every 8 hours. I’m hoping if there’s still infection the antibiotics take care of it quickly as that is what I believe caused the throbbing pain. I also have a bruise-like pain in my gum which i think is from the injection.

My questions are: does all of this seem normal? My dentist didn’t really give me too much info for after. He said all my pain should be managed by Advil.

How long should I expect this pain to last? What should I look out for that I should contact my dentist about?

Any advice is appreciated.



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