Research for Exs major : Dentistry

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Hey guys, I’m in exs 493 which is the research class for my major. We have to write an introduction and methods for a research project and get it IRB approved and then next semester in 494 we will actually do the research. As of right now my plan is to strap a heart rate monitor on the subjects and play three videos: one calm video, one intended to scare, and then a video of dental work being done to someone. My hypothesis is that their heart rate will go up during the dental video due to dental phobia. The other videos are just to prove heart rate doesn’t go up just from any video. After, I will have the subjects take a survey asking about their relationship with their dentist if it is personal or not and stuff like that. I’m predicting those who know there dentists on a very personal level won’t have such increased HR. Also, I’m going to try and monitor brain activity to see what goes off during the videos. Any advice or tweaks?


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