Receding gums: can I get surgical treatment?

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Hi everyone, I’ve dealt with very small teeth and receding gums my whole life. My dentist told me once I got my braces off years ago they could remove some of my gums with a laser and I was really excited. It never happened and I didn’t really question it until a year ago. When I mentioned it last year a dental hygienist told me there is no way to do this because I have gingivitis and my gums aren’t healthy enough to proceed. She said flossing was my only solution so I have been the last few months and see little visual improvement (again, regardless of gingivitis, my gums have always receded unfortunately which is why I wanted the procedure 🙁 )

I forgot about it but today I saw online that it can actually help gingivitis to get part of your gums removed. I am confused if maybe the hygienist made a mistake or if what I was asking for actually isn’t possible with unhealthy gums?

Any knowledge or suggestions will help, thank you!

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