Questions about recovering from a bone graft after a tooth extraction. And the 1 week checkup. : Dentistry


So I had an abscess above a tooth that fell out. I had the tooth removed on Wednesday. And I got a bone graft. I have a 1 week checkup for Wednesday. I believe they have to remove the stitches. Obviously I don’t know if I will actually be able to go in or if they will cancel the appointment given the circumstances. Just wondering is that 1 week checkup after a tooth extraction/bone graft essential? Do all stitches fall out or do they actually have to remove them? I plan on calling Monday to see what’s up. I don’t feel any pain. I was not given any special oral rinse. Not sure if I was going to get that at my 1 week checkup. Or if it’s needed.

Also just wondering in general. The tooth extracted was a molar on the left. So I have started chewing some food on my right side a few days after surgery. How long do I need to be worried about the left side of my mouth? When will I be able to chew on that side? Also should I be able to eat anything I want on my right side right now?

I will be getting two teeth remove on my right side as well. Along with bone graft’s. There was talk of it happening Wednesday. Is that common? Would I not be able to chew in either side of my face if that happened?

Thanks for any reply.


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