Question about pain around gum surgery site two months post-op : Dentistry


At the end of September I had a gum graft procedure performed around my bottom front teeth. Leading up to that surgery, I had experienced gum recession and related pain. (I also have a history of braces and jaw surgery.) I had two post-op appointments with my periodontist, one at two weeks out and another at six weeks out. Both times my periodontist expressed satisfaction with the outcome. However, I mentioned at the last appointment (which was about three weeks ago) that I’m having some pain around the site. It’s not constant, but it’s frequent enough to have my concerned. She thought it might be tooth sensitivity and prescribed me a special toothpaste. Unfortunately it hasn’t resolved the pain. Here is a photo of the site from today. I don’t think it’s changed much over the past few weeks, but it’s in a region of my mouth that I do not closely inspect every day. I’m not so concerned about aesthetics. I’m concerned about general health and not being in permanent pain.

Is some pain normal, even two months out? Or could this be a sign that the tissue is receding again? Should I call and make a new appointment with the periodontist? Thanks! I appreciate you all.


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