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I have had mottled teeth since my adult teeth came through (I was told as a teenager that it might have been caused by chicken pox, but I’m not sure how true this is). I have regularly asked my dentist over the years for possible solutions, and I have always been told that I wouldn’t be able to have professional whitening treatment as it might make the mottling more prominent.

However, last year my dentist recommended Icon white spot treatment as a non-invasive way to remove the mottled appearance of my teeth:

I had treatment on 16 teeth (top and bottom), and while I am happy with how it has made my teeth far more uniform, I was disappointed that the treatment didn’t make my smile any whiter. My teeth still have a slight yellow cast (approx A3) and I since having the treatment I’ve become really self-conscious about it. I would very much like them professionally whitened by a few shades to improve this.

However, the dentist who performed the treatment was unsure if conventional whitening treatment will work on the treated teeth due to the etching solution that has filled the enamel. He said that areas of my teeth that have had icon treatment may not be whitened at all, or at the same level as untreated areas – potentially leaving a patchy result. He didn’t have any first had experience of this and, as Icon treatment isn’t widely available in the UK, I haven’t had much luck finding a definitive answer on this from other sources.

Are there any dentists on this sub who have experience of whitening teeth that have been treated with icon white spot treatment? Or any patients who have had this done?

Are there any treatments that are likely to have good, even, results that I can ask my dentist about? I am based in the UK so this might affect the treatment types available.


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