Practice and student loans paid off, now what? : Dentistry


I own a practice where I am the only dentist, 1 FD, 1 FD/EFDA, 1 DA, 1 Full time RDH and several part time RDHs (2 hygiene columns daily except for Thursdays). We are currently open 4-5 days a week (open 2 Fridays a month). I would love to shorten my weeks. Any dentists out there own a practice where they only work 3.5 days a week and are closed the other days? Or do you have an associate working the days you aren’t in? Is it worth the headache of an associate? I am afraid to work less days and abandon my patients, staff. They may go somewhere else if I can’t offer them more days. There’s also the fear of dramatically reduced income and practice valuation in the future when I want to sell.

Any thoughts or experience you can share with me?


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