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Hello dentists of Reddit. I am a 17yo male, and I just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed on May 1st. So far I have been healing great. On May 6th I had a post operative appointment with my dentist, and he said that I could return to my normal diet, but to make sure to irrigate my mouth with the syringe, which I have been doing every time I eat. Now this crazy thing just happened, and quite frankly I’m a bit spooked. All was well until I ate dinner. Since I had been making such great progress, I had a somewhat spicy dinner, and a had a drink with a straw. I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal since the sockets had closed. Whether or not that caused to problem, I really don’t know, but I suspect might have played a role.

The problem was around 1am I noticed that the gums on the top right corner of my mouth were swelling. They ended up swelling up so much that I couldn’t close my mouth all the way because of it. I started to suspect infection because of the swelling, however I didn’t have a fever. It continued to swell for a couple hours. Later, I looked at it again and I noticed it was black. By then the swelling had gotten really bad so I decided to email my dentist. As I’m writing the email, the swelling bursts around 3:30am, and there is blood. I quickly make a saltwater rinse, and very gently rinse my mouth out. There was definitely some blood but it seems to have stopped quickly because after a couple rinses there was no more blood. Now I’m biting down on some gauze. Also the stitches came out of that area yesterday, they were dissolvable.

It is now 4:10am, there was blood on the gauze, but the bleeding has stopped, or at least I don’t taste blood anymore, but I’m paranoid now and afraid to swallow properly. I can also close my mouth again. This has been one wild night. I want to know if this is serious and if I should go back to the dentist, or if this will heal on its own.


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