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I went into my dentist appointment with the intent of getting fillings and I wanted to talk to the dentist about getting my temporary bonding on my front tooth taken care of. He said he could take care of the front tooth that day so I agreed. He gave me the shot, so painful! My septum still hurts. And takes care of my tooth, no problem until he hands me a mirror and my teeth are not the same length, so I questioned why? He then tells me my natural tooth is larger than average and he matched my front tooth to my other teeth and not the front tooth that the previous bonding was matched to, he said he can file my natural tooth down and it would match. I trusted my dentist because he is the professional here, and agreed to what I thought at the time was a good idea. Now both my teeth are short and there are tiny chips in my teeth and the bonding. Its hard to floss in-between my front teeth now. Should I seek legal help or am I F’d? Living in Pennsylvania. Photos in comments

TL;DR Help, I went to the dentist to get a bond on my front tooth fixed and now both my front teeth are shorter and done improperly.


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