Permanent Crown started to have some pain 5 days after procedure : Dentistry


Recently a crown I got dne 3 months ago on one of my molars came off while I was flossing one morning. Since it was a Saturday and my dentist is closed on the weekends I had to wait until Monday to schedule an appointment. I got to see the dentist on Tuesday and I thought they were just going to put the crown back on but he decided to just give me a new crown no charge. It was one of those one day crown procedures.

The next day my dentists office calls me and asks how the tooth was to follow up .. and I told them it was fine.. I didn’t have any issues. But now it’s 5 days after I got the new crown put on and now I have a slight pain in that tooth. sigh i thought I was done with all this tooth pain.

Does tooth pain usually occur days after getting a new crown put in?


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