Periodontitis and smoking/nicotine products : Dentistry


Hi I’m new to this so wondering if anyone would be able to help Last time I went to the dentist was in January I was told I had moderate to advanced periodontitis and that I needed to quit smoking or I would end up losing teeth BTW I’m only 26 but have been a smoker since 11 also didn’t take care of my teeth aswell as I should have, I also had braces in my teen years and the neglect whilst having braces causes other damage and permanent dark stains on some teeth Nevertheless I was still completely shocked when losing teeth was mentioned I now have a vigorous teeth brushing and flossing routine. I brush twice a day for five minutes a time, I’ve purchased a water pik and spent a fair amount of money on corsydyl mouthwashes and toothpastes and yet my teeth at this very moment seem worse than they have ever been before Going back to my January appointment he said I would need a root planing but he wasn’t willing to put me on a treatment plan until I quit smoking I’ve really really struggled with quitting I also am a weed smoker although I’ve struggled I have cut down to the lowest I have ever been I smoke no more than 5 a day that includes 3 small weed and tobacco cigarettes and 2 normal cigarettes. I use nicotine pouches in between aswell but yet now I am having all these issues with my gums and extremely dry mouth Now I’m aware weed causes dry mouth but it’s never made it as dry as It is at this current moment and I don’t understand why this is. Why now am I getting all these problems even when I am using the waterpik after smoking. I chew sugar free gum all day and keep hydrated and yet my mouth is still in the shittest shape it has ever been in Is there any dentists that can answer any of my queries Are nicotine pouches better for me and my gums as to smoking or will it still have an affect on any treatment plans Would vaping weed be any better for my teeth or still cause meth mouth I am in the process of quitting I would ideally like to quit cigarettes completely and still smoke weed in moderation is this possible or would it still have huge negative effects on my teeth Also I have tried ringing the dentist but with this covid they are not willing to see anyone unless it is for tooth extraction so Im stuck at where to turn next and all the stress of the thought of being without teeth before 30 is just making my quitting smoking 100 times harder


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