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If you have either smaller PDF files or a lengthy PDF, you might want to merge or, respectively, split your documents. PDF Merger & PDF Splitter helps you do that. This lightweight program is straightforward to use as it comes with a very user-friendly interface. The app is fast and works flawlessly, with one exception that we will discuss later.
Merge whole PDF files or only specific pages
With PDF Merger & PDF Splitter, you can either merge multiple PDF files into a single one or just join specific pages into one PDF. You can easily do that by selecting the PDFs that you want to merge and using the pencil icon from the Merge Selected Pages column from the main interface.
Once you've decided on what PDF files you want to merge, select the output folder and click on the Merge button in the bottom-right corner.
Split PDF files in seconds
This program is also excellent at splitting PDFs into smaller documents. From the main interface of the app, select PDF Splitter from the header. Choose the source PDF file and opt for one of the two splitting methods. You can split a PDF file by specified pages. Also, you can use the app to split your document into one file for every number of pages that you want.
The application doesn't work with PDF files protected with a password
Even though the developer of the program, Epubor, stated that the application also works with password-protected PDF files, that's not the case.
PDF Merger & PDF Splitter can't process those documents, suggesting that users download additional software to unlock the files, in case they forgot their password.
In short, PDF Merger & PDF Splitter does its job when it comes to merging and splitting PDF files. It has a user-friendly interface and is free. However, it cannot process password-protected documents, which might be troublesome for some users.


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What’s New in the PDF Merger PDF Splitter?

SoftWelcome Software presents PDF Merger & PDF Splitter, a useful and easy-to-use program designed to combine or split one or multiple PDF files into a single output file. This program can be used to join PDF files into one file, or split a PDF file into several smaller ones, which may be easier to view. The application comes in a simple yet easy-to-use user interface. To get started, simply choose the input PDF file(s) that you want to join, then choose the output folder, after that click on the Merge button to start merging. In the same way, if you want to split a PDF file into separate files, select the PDF file(s) that you want to split, then choose the output folder, and then click on the Splitter button to start splitting. To complete your task, all the output PDF files will be placed into the chosen output folder. The program supports Windows Vista and higher.

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PDF Document Splitter 5.0
PDF Document Splitter is the perfect tool for splitting large PDF documents into multiple smaller PDF documents. PDF Document Splitter is fast, easy to use and supports a variety of options that will allow you to quickly split a large PDF document into multiple smaller PDF documents with just one click. PDF Document Splitter also allows you to make cross-saves with files that you have already split. With PDF Document Splitter you can split pages and merge pages, save as many splits as you want or merge them later if needed. PDF Document Splitter is a lightweight, fast and extremely easy to use application. So let’s have a look at some of its main features: * One click to split a PDF * Drag and drop to split pages * Split a PDF document at any page, even if a PDF page isn’t numbered * Merge pages, split pages or merge and split simultaneously * Back up your splits * Sort your splits and merge them together later * Automatic page numbering for PDF documents * Cross-saving with other files that you have previously split * Keep the same file name as the original * Keep the pages in the same order as the original * Make cross-saves without saving the originals * Support Page-up / Page-down * Export your splits to PDF, text or HTML formats * Support Unicode PDF documents
PDF Document Splitter has advanced features that enable users to split their PDF files into multiple smaller PDF files with just one click.

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Multimedia & Design

JPEG to PDF Converter 1.0
JPEG to PDF Converter is a user-friendly freeware program that is designed to convert your jpg and jpeg images into PDF files. JPEG to PDF Converter allows you to preserve the original quality of your images, and you can batch convert a large number of images into PDFs, without any quality loss.

System Requirements:

• For optimal performance, a 64-bit Windows 7, 8, or 10 installation with a minimum of 1GB of RAM is recommended.
• For best performance, have at least a CPU with 6 cores or 8 cores, with SSE4.2 support.
• The GPU and Windows operating system must be fully up to date.
• The following NVIDIA CUDA-enabled hardware and driver are recommended:
• NVIDIA GPU with CUDALIB and with hardware vN4.1, or


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