Bleeding around a couple teeth but doesn't look like gingivitis, any help? : Dentistry

Bleeding around a couple teeth but doesn’t look like gingivitis, any help? : Dentistry

Hello everyone, my girlfriend within the last few days has noticed that her gums bleed a fair amount only around a couple teeth. I looked at her gums, and having had gingivitis myself, I don’t think she has a gum disease or anything like that. Here is a link to a picture of her gums:

Any suggestions? Could it be over brushing or some kind of cut? Thanks in advance.

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Are open coil springs, archwire expand, and class II elastics used with Invisalign? : Dentistry

I’m looking at the Invisalign treatment plan given to me at my orthodontic appointment, and the plan includes what I mentioned in the title. However when I try searching online, the examples that come up are for metal braces, so I’m looking for some clarification. For reference, I’m an adult and have some crowding in my lowers (mainly the front six teeth) and slight crowding in my uppers, along with some crookedness. Have an overbite as well.

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What does a surgical extraction involve? : Dentistry

I was at the dentist yesterday getting my last few fillings done, and the dentist said that two teeth on the top left had to be removed, but the roots are too long, so it’s going to require surgery.

I’ve not had any kind of surgery before, so I’m a little anxious about what’s going to happen.

Feel free to ask for any extra details, but I don’t know how much help I’ll be, I was sedated when I was told about all this (I’m not even sure which two teeth they want to extract).

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Wisdom Teeth Help : Dentistry

It’s been 10 days since I got my wisdom teeth removed. There are still holes but I flush them after every meal and have no pain at all. They feel healed but they aren’t completely closed in yet. When can I begin vaping normally again?? I have been doing it through my nose for way too long and its beginning to get painful. Please, someone, answer this. My dentist won’t respond…

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7 day course of antibiotics but only to take them for 5. : Dentistry

Last weekend I went to the emergency dentist with a suspected gum infection on the lower right side of my mouth and the dentist gave me a course of Metronidazole to take but said only to take them for 5 days. Obviously my 5 days are up now but I was wondering why I only had to take them for 5 days and not the 7 day course she gave me?

Additional to this, on the lower left side of my mouth I have a bit of a gum flap on my wisdom tooth which has been painful all day and I’m wondering should I continue the Metronidazole?

Thanks in advance 🙂

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Sensitivity after orthodontic assistant used drill to remove “glue” on attachment but seemed to be removing enamel as well : Dentistry

What should I do? Last time I had sensitivity on a new filling, it took persistance and two visits before the dentist stopping dismissing my concerns. Turns out that the dentist missed an old cavity. He went my bad, it’s the exact color of your tooth after he saw a very obvious cavity on the xray. This time, it’s the orthodontic assistant. Orthodontist did not stop by to check her work, though it was just putting on the attachment.

Day 1 Started Invisalign. Attachments kept popping off at first too but the people who installed them were very delicate with the drill. No sensation of tooth being removed. No sensitivity.

Day 2 One of the metal attachments on back molar popped off, necessitating me to go in again. No sensitivity at this point.

Lady who helped me seemed to be pressing too strongly with the drill and too long to remove “glue”. She was older than the other assistants perhaps the oldest, which I had hoped meant more skills and experience but I don’t know if her technique was bad or what. I was getting the sort of pain when dentists drill into the enamel for at least a few seconds. I feel like a few of those drill swipes were removing tooth. She put the attachment on, I went home and found sensitivity to cold water. I checked with the mirror but it didn’t look like she left a hole or anything, though because of the attachment, I’m not able to examine it very well.

Day 3 Sensitivity is still there, as sharp as ever, whenever cold water touches the area she drilled

Other info: orthodontic office is a highly rated, expensive place, Invisalign preferred provider

My main concern is, this wouldn’t be considered “trauma” to the tooth would

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Questions about extraction for braces and coordination of dental/ortho care : Dentistry

Hi all! At 29 years old, I’m finally prepping for getting braces this year. I’ve got some pretty bad crowding and after a consult with my ortho, she recommended extracting two of my upper premolars. Mostly here I’m just curious as to how this will affect bite/aesthetic. I’m only going to have 12 upper teeth but will still have 14 lower teeth. I trust my ortho knows what she’s doing, but I’m finally able to afford getting my oral health together and have been working hard with my dentist to fix all the issues I’ve been dancing around for 10 years. The loss of healthy teeth makes me nervous. Am I going to have enough teeth left? Will it be noticeable?

Secondly, I have to get a few crowns replaced and two new ones put on. My ortho and dentist are supposed to have communicated about order of the work needed but the dentist’s office doesn’t seem to know conclusively when I ask at my appointments. From what I do understand the replacement crowns can wait till after ortho, but my dentist told me as she was fixing a broken tooth with basically a very large filling that she wanted to get a crown on that tooth (#2) before braces because she thought it would be weak with just the filling. At my last appointment for wisdom tooth removal I learned she’s left the practice and the owner said he didn’t know why she’d say that and he was going to scrap her plan and recommend braces before any crowns at all. Should I get a second opinion? I’m obviously not as educated as the owner of the office but now I’m worried that I’ve heard the tooth will be weak and don’t want braces to knock out a tooth

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