never check my tongue before, do my tongue look normal? : Dentistry

never check my tongue before, do my tongue look normal? : Dentistry

It looks very frayed? And there is a white spot that feel painful on the left side of my tongue. Not sure how long they have been there as I never check on my tongue. Are there any alarming features that warrant urgent visit to dentist? Would you order a biopsy?

I will go to dentist but there is a week or so wait time.

36M, former smoker (3 cig a day), quitted last October. Drinking regularly every weekend. Appreciate any responses, thanks a lot!


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Wisdom teeth and related pain question : Dentistry

So, I just now realized both of the wisdom teeth on the left side of my mouth are basically fully in, I never even realized they were wisdom teeth. Like 5 years ago my orthodontist recommended getting them removed and I just never did.

The reason I noticed is because there’s a little bit of gum covering it that started hurting really badly yesterday, I’d say it covers about 15% of the tooth in the back, like it’s been slowing peeling back over the years without me noticing. My question is, will this pain and the gum associated with it most likely resolve itself? If the tooth is basically all the way out and the rest of my teeth are still fine in terms of straightness, I’d assume it’s all good, right? Not really tryna deal with the dentist right now with the current state of things. Thanks for any advice

Edit: I should clarify, I shouldn’t say it hurts really badly, and in fact by looking at it it doesn’t even look inflamed. It just hurts when I eat hard/dry things and is really annoying

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Is it normal to still have baby teeth at 17? : Dentistry

This should be an obvious no, but I haven’t been to the dentist in years so I never had a professional answer. Currently one of my top fangs are loose and about ready to come out. I can see the adult tooth emerging, but not in the right spot. The same is happening to my other fang, except my baby tooth isn’t loose at all. So the possibility that having baby teeth at my age came into question. If it’s not normal, what should I do about it? Should I pull out my loose tooth or appoint a dentist and get directions from them?

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Wisdom tooth advice : Dentistry

Hey! I had my bottom wisdom teeth removed on the 17th of December under general. The left one came out fine and has healed fine. But the right one was impacted, while I feel it’s healed fine (I can eat normally now and have no pain. The gum around my last molar on the right side has completely detached, it’s not red or painful but it’s basically creating a pocket for food to fall in. Will this heal and reattach it’s self to my tooth or do I need to go back to my surgeon? I’m not really sure how to describe it but if I poke around I can go right down to the roots of my back molar. Like the gum just sits unattached now. Where my wisdom tooth was is fine. The gum sits where it should. It’s just around the molar. Sorry for the long post, just a bit worried and it’s not easy to go see a dentist atm because of covid.

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Tooth/Gum pain seemingly no reason

December 11th I got temporary crowns done to my upper teeth, which are still in. Ever since then my lower row of teeth/gums have been hurting and I've been needing to take ibuprofen at night to sleep.

The teeth that got worked on feel entirely fine so I'm wondering why nearly all of my lower teeth/gums hurt out of nowhere when they weren't worked on. It doesn't hurt 24/7, it seems to flare up out of nowhere, and if I wait long enough, goes away on its own for the rest of the day. What could it be?

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How do I know if the root of a tooth is infected? : Dentistry

I have a massive cavity in my rear left wisdom tooth. I know the nerve has already died, and now I’m in a decent amount of discomfort, a couple-few weeks later. I have a prescription of amoxicillin, but the surgery isn’t for another month, so I don’t want to take it too early.

Is this discomfort maybe more nerve pain? Is it infected? I grind my teeth in my sleep too. I know that doesn’t help.

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