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Your Toothache Could Be Something Else: Referred Pain in Dentistry

Referred pain is a fairly common dental concern presented at a dental office. Referred pain is pain perceived in a part of body which is far from the source of pain. In other words, it’s the pain felt in an area other than its true site of origin.

A classic example to explain this condition is the dental-related pain during a heart attack. One of the early signs of heart attack is pain referred to the left side of the teeth, jaws and arms. Similarly, there are other instances like the pain from infected paranasal sinuses being referred to the upper back teeth which is perceived as a toothache.

Chronic musculoskeletal pain, TMJ disorders (temporomandibular joint) or chronic back pain are also referred to the jaws and other parts of the face. Atypical facial pain/neurological pain/trigeminal neuralgia are also perceived as toothache. Shingles, a viral infection, in its early phase is felt as a sharp pain on the affected side of the jaws and or teeth. These are just a few common examples.

The need for accurate and careful dental screening

There are many reported cases in dental literature where unnecessary dental treatments like extractions have been carried out with an intention to help the patient get relief from the pain. Such hasty decisions will only add physical and mental distress to the patient.

Hence, in such cases it’s very crucial to do a thorough dental screening which includes careful listening to the patient’s chief complaint, understanding the patient’s past and present dental history, doing detailed clinical and radiographic examination along with a chairside clinical test. An appropriate way to approach would be to first treat the most obvious dental issues if they are present.

If there are no obvious pre-existing dental issues, then further referral to a medical specialist

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r/Dentistry - A bump on the gum

A bump on the gum : Dentistry

Hello. I noticed this bump on my gum two days ago. Photos taken today. Please advise what it is and if it is something serious. Looks like I cannot see a dentist for 3 more days. Is it something I should look urgent help with? Please note that this is under a crown that was made a year ago

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How To Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Getting married is a big deal and this is why you should look your best. One bride went to get professional teeth whitening before the big day. No pain whatsoever was felt by the bride when it comes to this procedure. Lasting for an hour, the procedure gave the bride some nice, white teeth. She considered the treatment to be a spa thing rather than a dental thing.

When it comes to this, you were either blessed with perfect pearly whites or blessed with enough money to pay for cosmetic procedures. For about $20 or less, you will be able to buy yourself do it yourself kits for this particular purpose. When you consult a dentist for this, it can cost a pretty penny, millions of pretty pennies. Thank you for reading about dentist sydney and dentistry.

Normally peroxide based is most readily available whitening agents. You should consider having teeth whitening treatments before crowns, veneers, or other major dental procedures and this is considering that you have had regular cleaning sessions. This can improve a person’s sense of confidence.

A part of being confident is being able to smile. By being armed with a nice smile, you will be able to express yourself more. You will only need one treatment that will amount to $645 to have your teeth whitened.

Besides a shining lamp, it is common for dentists to use a low concentration hydrogen peroxide gel for a patient undergoing this procedure. Barriers are normally used for the teeth of the patient and the patient will have a heated massaging chair to sit in when it comes to this. There are three 20 minute treatments per treatment session. As desired, a fourth session is possible when it comes to this. If you like this dentistry article check out … Read the rest

Help me analyze my radiography please : Dentistry

The left side of my mouth has been hurting so much, getting hot pretty quickly for about 3 days. My ears also hurt and I’ve started deploying sensitivity around the area. I went to my orthodontist and she recommended to rinse my mouth with salt and water, to take ibuprofen and if the pain continued to take a radiography. So here it, I have an appointment in 3 days but meanwhile I dont know what I have and it is making me anxious. So what do I have? Help please

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Shopping around for dentists?

Hello all! Was hoping to get some advice.

I've been going to a dental school for a couple of years and want to make the switch to a local place.

I got a cleaning and xrays done yesterday at one place but was recommended another place I would like to try.

Would it be okay to call and ask the first place to send over my xrays to the new place if they are able? I guess my social anxiety is just rearing its head a little and I haven't been to a regular office in a while and not sure how to go about it. Thanks!!

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Strange small point in gums after wisdom tooth extraction. : Dentistry

I had a wisdom tooth pulled at the beginning of June, been healing perfectly fine for the most part, but last week a strange hard ridge appeared at the edge of the extraction site, which over the next few days faded away until just a slightly tender hard point the size of a tooth pick tip remained. It hurts if I touch it, kinda feel like it’s piercing through my gums.

Is this something I should go to the dentist for? I rather not all things considered…

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Am I going to get dry socket : Dentistry

I was put under to get my wisdom teeth out this morning, and I kept the gauze bit down for 2 hours like I was instructed, but while I was moving it with my tongue, a little round blood clot came out. I promptly bit on some fresh gauze for another 30 minutes since I’m still bleeding. It looks like the bottom socket has a clot forming in it, but I can’t see the top.

Am I screwed, dentists of reddit

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Is it a lost cause?

Is it a lost cause?

In (somewhat) brief: I'm (31) suffering from an assortment of dental ailments but I'm not sure if there's anything left I can do at this point. I haven't had dental insurance since I was about 24. I last went to the dentist about 4 years ago for an evaluation, where they found gingivitis/mild perio and 1 cavity (which surprisingly was my first filling), but also that my wisdom teeth were severely impacted. With the added cost of pulling my wisdom teeth, I only went to the first of the 3 cleaning appointments, and haven't been back since. To make that worse, the extraction went poorly. Two of the teeth weren't fully removed, the surgeon just sawed part of them off and left the remainder embedded in my face, I guess. My jaw has been causing me issues since then, too, which might be my biggest problem at the moment, since it's painful and affects function, so is more than just a cosmetic thing.

The gum/crowding/crookedness issues are also getting worse though: https://imgur.com/sjAZhCy

It's all fairly distressing to the point where I've basically given up smiling. I brush, rinse with mouthwash, and have been trying my best to floss, regularly. My dental hygiene habits have never been better but it doesn't seem to make any difference. It feels kind of hopeless—almost like the harder I try, the worse the results. I don't really know the best potential course of action…that I could actually afford and am at a bit of a loss.

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Have I done the right thing? : Dentistry

Hi everyone,

I’m writing as I’m not sure if I acted in the right way or was being rude.

I saw my dentist today as the gum in between my teeth was sore. They usually don’t bleed, and apart from that spot they felt all right.

He said I needed a deep clean (last scaling was in June) under the gumline. He started doing it. I tolerated the pain for a bit but it was so incredibly painful that I asked him to stop after about 5 min.

He said he had done the top part of my mouth, but still had to bottom teeth to clean. I asked if it was possible to see the hygienist, as maybe it was better to have more time (dentist is NHS, hygienist private).

Now, was I rude to ask to see her? I just thought she might have more time to dedicate to a clean, about 30-40 min and have time to numb etc..

Another thing is he said to use manual toothbrush as the electric ones are bad at cleaning the teeth. Should I go back to my manual?


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