Premolar location moving, it is fine?

Hi, a quick question, I googled over and over and couldn't find anything.

A few days ago I got a cheek infection. Most likely because of high stress and got into a fight with my wife. The infection had moved from my cheek to my bottom molars. They were super sore and painful for about two days. The molars are fine now but the infection had moved to my pre molars. And because of the inflammation its very clear that the middle pre molar had been squeezed and is now jutting towards the inside of my mouth. The pressure on the poor molar is also very concerning.

Will it be fine and move back to its original position once the inflammation dies down or should I see a dentist asap.

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Bone or tooth remnant under gums : Dentistry

I am just under a month post OP from having all teeth surgically extracted. Had a follow up with my oral surgeon at 2 weeks and have another appointment on November 6.

I have been rinsing with salt water 3x daily and have slowly been adding items to my diet that are easily consumed as per the doctor.

Two days ago, a bone or tooth fragment came loose while I was rinsing. Tonight I noticed a hard and somewhat sharp lump under the gums just at the corner of my mouth. It’s not painful .

Should I contact my oral surgeon on Monday or can it wait until my appointment? I don’t have a lot of experience with good dental health or extractions, so pardon my ignorance/dumb.

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Failed root canal but not quite? : Dentistry

Hi there, thanks in advance for any answers. Also I’m gonna apologize for the wall of text and any formatting mistakes because I’m on mobile.

In mid August I began experiencing a swelling in my gums and a foul taste in my mouth surrounding my molar, and I couldnt get into my dentist’s office so I visited my doctor, and they said better safe than sorry and put me on antibiotics. I think it’s important to note I had no pain at this time. I started the course that day and had an appointment scheduled to check it out, all was good.

When I came in for my appointment they took an X-ray and said my tooth was dead and I needed a root canal. Cool, whatever, let’s do it. I had the procedure same day and it was not pleasant at all, I felt like my dentist was in a rush to get me out of the chair, but whatever. I went home with a minimal amount of pain and assumed this was the end of it.

Roughly 1 month after the procedure, on a Friday afternoon I began experiencing severe pain in the tooth and surrounding area. So bad I couldnt sleep at night and I could feel every heartbeat in the tooth. Saturday I went to urgent care and they called in antibiotics. I called my dentist on monday and they told me to come in NEXT monday in exactly a week so the antibiotics had time to work. When I came in for my appointment they took another xray and said that there couldn’t have been an infection in the tooth and it looks great, but they’ll open it back up and check it out. So I’m scheduled for another root canal at the end of

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Mentally, I struggle with my teeth on a daily basis. Here’s how I cope. : Dentistry

Context: I am an 18 year old that never used to brush his teeth as a kid (because I was never told to because I have fairly old timey parents.) Also because I was stupid. Anyways as you would imagine, not brushing my teeth lead to cavities. As of now I have 10 fillings, that number isn’t going to increase, mark my words. Anyways, I struggle daily with my conscious essentially telling me that I have trash teeth and that I’ll probably have dentures by the time I’m 40, which isn’t the case at all. The rational side of me essentially says, things could be way worse and that my teeth aren’t as bad as I think they are.

Over time I’m coping with the fact that I’ll never have perfect teeth, and that’s okay. We’re all gonna end up in the same place anyway. I keep things like these in mind:

~Just like cars, computers, etc… Humans are no different, we require maintenance, don’t be ashamed about requiring maintenance. (This one really sings to me because I’m a programmer!)

~Regardless as to whether or not you have perfect teeth or not, some freak accident may occur and you can end up losing teeth anyway. Decay isn’t the only problem that teeth fall victim to. I can be walking one day and trip over my own feet and shatter both my front teeth, everything’s temporary and teeth are no different.

~The whole thing about being stuck in a cycle regarding replacing fillings as they get older, etc. Regardless your teeth are going to require maintenance whether it be a cleaning, a filling, or a root canal. Even then, restorations tend to last longer than they’re made out to. Anecdotally, my sister has had some of her fillings since she was

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