If you are now financially set for life, what would you do ? : Dentistry

If you have all the money you need to live on passive income for the rest of your life without having to work a day, what would you do ? Would you quit dentistry altogether and never touch a tooth again ? Would you work at an underserved area or treat low-income population such as medicaid patients ? Or would you stay the course and change nothing ? Any other ideas are welcomed. (No I’m not so lucky to be in this situation, I’m just dream talking)

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Are these after work hygiene protocols enough?

I wear a lab coat while working on patients, and then I put it in the wash with all my regular laundry. Should scrubs and lab coats be washed separately or is this okay?

What do you guys do about possibly contaminated stuff, like bags or other personal items you touch while wearing scrubs or lab coats because technically that could be indirect contamination?

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Blender for Dental : Dentistry

Wondering if anybody has used Blender for Dental. Looks like they create addons for Blender (free 3d design software) to do stuff like wax-ups, surgical guides, night guards and splints, custom trays, and supposedly even denture and crown design work using their modules.

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Materials question (Polycarboxylate Cement) : Dentistry

I’m sure this is a stupid question, but I haven’t used polycarboxylate cement since sim lab. I’m getting some of my required CE in online and sat through a materials lecture and the guy mentioned something I’ve never heard before. He was saying that he uses polycarboxylate cement still because it not only chemically binds to tooth structure (Yup, no problem there), but it will also strongly bind to sand blasted metal, etched ceramics, and CHEMICALLY BINDS to PMMA and resins.

Is that right about it chemically adhering to PMMA and resin? That just doesn’t sound right to me, and he didn’t go into any detail.

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Cracked tooth syndrome? : Dentistry

I treated a patient today with cracked tooth syndrome due to an incomplete crown fracture that occurred last Friday evening after the patient was clenching overnight. The tooth had an exaggerated, nonlingering response to cold and a barely visible crack emanating from the lingual groove to the lingual gingival margin. The tooth had an existing MOD amalgam that was in good shape with no evidence of recurrent caries. I decided to treat the tooth with a high noble crown versus attempting to prep out the crack and replace the filling with a composite or bonded amalgam restoration because I was concerned over the longevity of the bond and the possibility of a communication through the crack from the oral cavity to the pulp chamber.

After I was done prepping, impressing and privisonalizing, I was called out bu a fellow provider who was of the opinion that I overtreated the patient. He recommended a cuspal coverage amalgam or removal and replacement of the restoration. His concern is that I will induce irreversible pulpitis due to the crown prep that could have been avoided with a more conservative restoration. After looking at the research, it seems that one study that followed patients with the same diagnosis for the same reasons saw 20% of those patients needing a root canal within six months so I am feeling a bit guilty right now in thinking that I was overly aggressive with this patient.

My question is whether or not a crown is a good option to treat cracked tooth syndrome in teeth with incomplete crown fractures and reversible pulpitis. If not, have you had good success with more conservative treatments like prepping through the crack or splinting with a bonded restoration?

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Centrifuge for generating PRF? : Dentistry

Hey all, Looking to purchase a centrifuge for creating PRF membranes for use in grafting applications. Does anyone have suggestions on the centrifuge they use in office? What types of tubes do you use? I see prices varying widely from a few hundred to >$3000 and I’m not sure there is a huge difference if the RPM and spin time can be standardized?


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Loupe help! : Dentistry

Hello everyone! New RDH here! I’m inquiring about loupe recommendations. Currently I’m stuck between Orascoptic HDL3.0x, Q-optics High Res and Lumadent TTL 3.0x. All with a wired headlight (I don’t want too much weight on my nose). I’m looking for something that I can wear contacts with (I’m nearsighted) because I want to finish treatment with the client, take them off and still be able to see. I don’t want to be wearing them 24/7. I’m from Canada if that makes a difference. As usual, I would like to thank you for your time and help in advance. Much appreciated ❤️

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For practicing dentists, do you ever reflect back on your life in dental school/your grades? : Dentistry

I just finished my first year, and my class rank is probably in the bottom 25% primarily because I had to remediate one of the simulation labs. My didactics are pretty strong, and I did above average in indirect operative. I think this primarily attributable to the COVID-19 restrictions and limited lab time we had. There are definitely some “hand gods,” but I think I’m pretty much average to slightly above average with hand skills.

I was always a top notch student, I was in the top of my high school and college classes, but in dental school, I feel like I’m barely scraping by. I feel somewhat unsuccessful in an academic sense, but I’m content with just doing general dentistry (I really thought about specializing in perio or path, but I just don’t have the grades/dental school is enough of an academic challenge for me).

Did anyone have a similar experience in terms of struggling a lot in dental school compared to college? How did you push through school without comparing yourself to your classmates? And, do you find your class rank had any correlation with your success in your career?

This is something I’m curious about, especially because patients don’t know/care about your grades let alone where you went to school, thus it’s never really brought up during appointments haha.

Thank you all!

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