Scaler recommendations : Dentistry

Does anyone have any scaler brands that they love? We have been using Premier Big Easy Ultralites (purple ones) for years and they have been great. In the last while they all seem to be breaking half way up the grip so I think we will change brands. Recommendations are appreciated!

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Preferred Implant System : Dentistry

I am beginning to place implants in my residency program and we use the Biohorizons implant system. I have found it very straightforward to use and enjoyed restoring a handful of their implants. What system are you currently using and why are you currently using it? What advantages does your system have over others? Thanks!

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Would any dentist out there be willing to share their clinical note templates with a fellow dentist please? : Dentistry

Hi dentists,

I’m a more newly qualified dentist who is going into associateship following training and was wondering whether any of you could kindly share your clinical note templates with me? Apologies if this sounds cheeky/lazy, I have been writing my own up and I am just not overly satisfied with them and feel unsure if they are up to standard. It would help massively if I could see some from others for inspiration, especially those for examinations and discussions about tx with patients eg RCT, immediate dentures. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing, that is completely understandable and I would appreciate any important tips/must have things to include if you wouldn’t mind instead.

Thank you in advance!

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doctor with questions on wax ups and digital workflow : Dentistry

Hi all,

Hope this is allowed –> mods let me know if not. I’m a doctor and about to do some MaxFax work as a junior and am quite interested. Have been reading about prosthodontics and dentistry and have some (pretty random) questions to help me learn about the field and trends, and to satisfy my interest. Hoping you might be able to help:

  1. For prosthetics, how fast is the transition to digital workflows? How often is the typical impression –> diagnostic model –> wax up –> analog manufacturing used?

  2. If using an analog workflow, do people still do wax ups in practice? Is it mostly labs doing the wax ups?

  3. Do you think that labs will still be relevant in the future? Couldn’t you just move to a digital workflow, outsource some design and then print/mill on site if you have the volume?

Thanks for any help


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