Future trends in pain control : Dentistry

Hello! I’m a 3rd year dental student and I have an assignment on “future trends in pain control”. I’m relying mainly on Stanley F. Malamed’s Handbook of Local Anesthesia (7th edition, 2020) as my main source, and in a chapter dedicated to this topic they mentioned longer and ultra long acting local anesthetics derived from shellfish and puffer fish toxins, liposomal bupivacaine, and light-activated and light-inactivated local anesthesia. Has any of you heard, read or saw another new technology in this topic, and does anyone know another source that I can check out for more ideas?

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Any dentists working part time in academia? What’s your experience/how do you get hired? : Dentistry

Hey everyone,

I’m almost half way done with dental school, and I’ve dealt with a variety of faculty throughout my education thus far.

Some professors are obviously very strict and others are more easy going, and I definitely would be more of the latter when it comes to handling students. Ever since working as a tutor in both high school and college, I really want to work part time in a dental school, either giving lectures or helping in the sim lab or clinic.

For dentists who work part time in academia, what’s been your experience? How did you get hired part time? Also kind of a silly question, what were your grades like as a student? I always feel like the super successful faculty who are published and have positions in organized dentistry (I aspire to one day as well) were stellar students.

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Minors w/o Parent present at appointments : Dentistry

How do you handle minors coming in the office with somebody other than their parent/guardian? In dental school, if a minor came in, it had to be a parent/guardian or we would not be able to treat b/c of consent. End up sending patients home. Now, I’m reading mixed things online, such as that if a minor patient comes in they can have a note signed by parent or the parent can verbally give consent. There’s another source that says you (healthcare provider) CAN NOT do anything even cleaning or x-rays when parent is not present to consent. I also saw consent forms that parent can sign allowing so-and-so to bring minor to appointment. Does that hold up in court? I know that each state law may be different. But i’m wondering what’s typical on how to handle situations like this? And how do you typically handle teenage patients driving in for appointment before parent comes?

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Best way to maximize salary as an associate?


I’m currently living in a rural area working a contract dentist for a govt office. I make roughly 200k a year. It’s not a bad gig but I’m wondering if I could be making more, somewhere else, while also not subjecting myself to a ridiculous level of stress or workload.

I’m 62 with 10 years of experience and plan to work until I can’t anymore.

Note: I’m in Northern California

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