Going back after filling : Dentistry

Is it normal to have to go back after a filling to get teeth polished? I dread fillings because my teeth no longer have the smooth texture while flossing in between teeth. It feels quite jagged but no floss breaks. I think I’ve had to go back every time I had a filling done… just wondering if this is a common thing?

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Cavity to Root Canal? : Dentistry

I just saw a Dr who said my filling for the cavity broke off and it is important to fill it back before it reaches the root. Keep in mind I have no idea how this works. He couldn’t do the filling today. How urgent is the next appointment? I really don’t want to end up with a root canal.

Pain wise I can still eat, usually something hot or cold will give a slight discomfort but eases away. Just feels “sore” around that area after my cleaning. How soon should I schedule this? How can I avoid a root canal?

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Filling recovery and cold sensitivity : Dentistry

Last Tuesday I went to my dentist to replace a filling because I had mild sensitivity.

She did a panoramic x ray a week before and didn’t notice any cavity. Then did the regular cleaning and another local scan on the lower right side, where the filling was. She said there isn’t any visible cavity (on the 30th tooth) but we can replace the filling as it was quite old and pretty big. While she drilled to replace it, she found a cavity pretty close to the gum between molars 30 and 31, so she repaired it and placed a filling. While she was drying around before placing the filling I felt intense pain and I actually teared up while she worked, it hurt pretty bad. She injected more anaesthetic but it didn’t seem to work, I heard her saying ‘I don’t understand why is it so sensitive, I injected anaesthetic in 7 places’ to the nurse. She also complained that there was a lot of saliva (she used a rubber dam that broke badly from what I’ve heard her talking to the nurse and my gum was bleeding quite a bit) under the dam and around the tooth. Could the filling have gotten contaminated with saliva? I was just very tensed up because of the pain, before going in to replace the filling I just assumed the mild sensitivity was from grinding my teeth at night while wearing retainers.

But since then, the new filling is sensitive to cold still and the places she injected the anesthetic into are still pretty sore. Also the 3rd tooth started being a bit sensitive to cold (the one directly above the 30th, it has a filling as well).

Should I go back to check with her or is this sensitivity normal? She

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Bleeding around a couple teeth but doesn't look like gingivitis, any help? : Dentistry

Bleeding around a couple teeth but doesn’t look like gingivitis, any help? : Dentistry

Hello everyone, my girlfriend within the last few days has noticed that her gums bleed a fair amount only around a couple teeth. I looked at her gums, and having had gingivitis myself, I don’t think she has a gum disease or anything like that. Here is a link to a picture of her gums: https://i.imgur.com/mdqsurP.jpg

Any suggestions? Could it be over brushing or some kind of cut? Thanks in advance.

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Are open coil springs, archwire expand, and class II elastics used with Invisalign? : Dentistry

I’m looking at the Invisalign treatment plan given to me at my orthodontic appointment, and the plan includes what I mentioned in the title. However when I try searching online, the examples that come up are for metal braces, so I’m looking for some clarification. For reference, I’m an adult and have some crowding in my lowers (mainly the front six teeth) and slight crowding in my uppers, along with some crookedness. Have an overbite as well.

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