Non-flavored toothpaste WITH fluoride (I’ve already tried Amazon) : Dentistry

I don’t know what it is about me, but all flavors of toothpaste gross me out. So I set out to find unflavored toothpaste on the internet, but could only find one brand that also has fluoride (I can only find natural toothpaste unflavored without fluoride). The only thing I’ve found is OraNurse unflavored (and non foaming!) toothpaste on ebay two tubes for $40 (it’s from England). Am I the only person in the USA who is looking for a product like this?

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Sores along the side of my tongue after having a crown put on : Dentistry

I am a devout bruxist. I try my best to wear a night guard, but I end up spitting it out during my sleep. Recently, I’ve been developing small sores on the left side of my tongue, and boy do they hurt! My dentist has to prescribe me miracle mouthwash sometimes. The bumps come and go, so I know it’s not cancer or anything serious.

However, these sores didn’t develop until after I had a crown put on one of my upper teeth on the same side. So, I made an appt to have things checked out, and my dentist concluded (after examining me and doing bite tests)that my bite was fine and that the crown was not causing the sores.

I just can’t believe it. It’s too coincidental.

And I asked her if she could smooth my teeth out on the inside, and she did… yet it still hasn’t helped!

I don’t know what to do. My tongue constantly hurts and looks all funky on that side. If I could afford a professional bite guard, I’d try that.

Any advice?

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Why do companies sell not soft bristled toothbrushes? : Dentistry

Every single reputable person, dentist, periodontist, resource says to always use a soft bristled toothbrush, yet companies still mostly sell tooth brushes that aren’t and you have to specifically look for the marked ones. Same goes for mouth wash with alcohol. Everyone says there bad yet companies still mostly sell mouthwash with alcohol. Is there ever a situation where you wouldn’t use a soft bristled toothbrush?

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Had two wisdom teeth and a molar removed from the same upper location, now other back teeth are sore : Dentistry

About a week and a half ago I had a cracked molar, a wisdom tooth, and an extra smaller wisdom tooth removed by my oral surgeon that took out my other three wisdom teeth. I had to have a sinus cavity repair, and it’s been a slower healing process than what I was expecting. Now I’m noticing some pain in the teeth beside where my last molar was. Is this normal? I still wear retainers at 22, though I’ve been wearing them for over 9 years, so I’m thinking about having a new set made. Should I be concerned about this new pain, or is it simply part of the healing process? Thanks in advance for any input.

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Smelly molar

Curious why one of my molars smells bad. I first thought maybe food is getting stuck between the teeth but I floss 3 times a day for that tooth. I notice if i touch the tooth and around the gun line it also smells foul. I've had the tooth inspected various times and had root canals performed due to unrelated pain after needed many filling replacement due to bruxism. I have pretty good oral hygiene so I'm at a loss.

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(M 28) My Dentist said that I had to have my whole tooth removed from a filling not holding up? : Dentistry

Bit of context: I had a lot of cavities back in the day (when I was age 16) from eating and drinking a lot of sugary items. Went to the dentist, had them filled, and now here we are. I am now 29 with a good dental routine, but one of these fillings is on a tricky tooth that has always gotten food caught between the now sugar-sensitive area. I noticed the light tingling sensation of it about three months ago, which has now turned into a more noticeable feeling (but it isn’t unbearable yet). My dentist basically told me that this tooth’s filling is wearing down and will need to be pulled and replaced. I unfortunately don’t have pictures available, but my question is wouldn’t the dentist just be able to re-fill it instead of having to pull it and put a crown on it? Also, how urgent is this matter? I’ve had a fully breached wisdom tooth pulled by him before because it was rotting from the same situation (food getting stuck).

I am also looking to make sure my dentist isn’t:

A) trying to make a quick buck

or B) trying to be lazy when he could indeed fill it back up.

If anyone could assist in this matter, I would be most grateful.

Thank you.

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Associate Running Practice : Dentistry

I’m still a junior econ/pre-dental major in college trying to figure out what do with my life and so am not familiar with all the expenses, so I’m asking you guys.

Shouldn’t it be possible to build dental practices and rely on associates to do all the dental work, while you manage the business aspect? Like let’s say one associate nets 200k in profit from one practice and I take, say 25%, amounting to 50k in this case. Is this practical in any way? What am I missing here?

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Front teeth keep chipping? : Dentistry

Help! This happened a few months ago, I got them bonded (I think that’s what it’s called) but it just happened again. Last time my left front tooth chipped after literally eating grapes and rice with hummus. I just noticed another chip today in the middle of the afternoon after not even having eaten anything in several hours.

Concerns I have:

-history of an eating disorder

-still underweight, no menstruation for 10 years which means messed up hormones which means bone density loss (30 years old and female)

-vegan diet- calcium level in diet is ok, I eat lots of fruits though which I know are acidic (I eat 3 meals a day, no snacks, fruit with every meal and green smoothie with breakfast every morning)

-apple cider vinegar every night on veggies

-I do rinse my mouth with water after eating

-oral B electric toothbrush, could I be pushing too hard? (I really try to do it lightly)

My dentist:

-had no concerns about any of the above

-says that my anxiety is making me grind my teeth at night (he showed me how the front teeth line up at the edges from wearing down when I grind) and that I should wear my clear plastic retainer every night instead of three times a week like I had been (I have been wearing them every night since then, but I still got another chip)

-not concerned about the tiny vertical lines I see in my teeth that look like cracks

I appreciate any help or advice you may have. My dentist is really cool and laid back but sometimes I worry he’s TOO chill when there should be cause for concern. Thank you!!

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