Fractured 24 Root : Dentistry

About a month ago, I bit into a very hard piece of food and heard/felt a crack. The next day it was throbbing and loose. It continued to loosen and become more painful. I couldn’t get into the dentist until yesterday and he advised I had horizontally fractured my tooth and had a small infection. He said that because the area is so tiny that instead of an extraction and implant, that he would recommend extraction and braces on the lower teeth. Just wondering if this is common practice in that area and if it will be noticeable to others?

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Filling Holes with No Drilling? Is this Normal? My Dental Issue. Please Help. : Dentistry

Hey, I went to the dentist the other day as I had a pain that started in the occulusal portion of a bottom left tooth (Second from the back). Significant Pain was felt when drinking cold and hot drinks and chewing (although only minor irritation during chewing). If I cover the occlusal portion of the tooth with my tongue and drink then there is no pain.

It was clear that there were holes on the tooth, more like shallow crevices, 4 of them (had been there for years, never been an issue and dentists never felt the need to fill).

I go in and said something must be wrong with that tooth. Dentist checked it out and said it just needed to be filled without any drilling. She said “the years did the drilling for me”.

I got the filling done without drilling or freezing which was OK.

My issue is now 4 days later the sensitivity to cold/hot is only 10% better at max. It has not gotten progressively better at all. It feels the exact same as when I got out of the dentists chair. She aligned my bite pretty well, so I don’t think it could be that.

I have two questions:

  1. It is normal for dentists to fill and not drill? I guess these holes were just giving easy access to nerves so pain was felt?

  2. What could the issue be and how long should I wait to make another appointment with a dentist?

Any help massively appreciated!

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teeth brushing schedule : Dentistry

what happens if you brush your teeth after you eat lunch, then go to bed for a nap and miss brushing at night time beause you slept through, but brush in the early morning when you wake up and it’s still 12 hours between brushing does this still technically count as twice daily? is it ok if it was just once a off??

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Two quick questions!

Hello. I’m getting oral surgery on a botched root canal from about a decade ago. Front tooth (dont know the exact name, but it’s the immediate left of the very front two teeth). I believe the surgery is called apecectomy? Something like that. It was a tooth infection in the root and I hope to god once it’s removed, it won’t come back, I don’t want to have a tooth pulled. My first question regarding that is, when they cut open my gum at the top to remove the cyst. Will there be a lot of bleeding after? I remember getting my wisdom tooth taken out and the taste of blood was plain gross and couldn’t swallow my spit for 2 days. They’re going to across my gum line right behind my top upper lip (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about).

Secondly, I have a pretty bad cavity on the back upper tooth, again, dunno the name, but it’s on the left of my face, upper second to last. I’d like to say maybe 70% of the tooth is still there with bad chips on the side. My oral surgeon said they don’t have to pull the tooth out, it would simply be a root canal and extensive trimming then probably a few big posts and a crown. However, a dentist I initially was going to do the procedure with, said he has to pull it. Because it’s “below the gum line”, or something along those lines. That same dentist said my front tooth has to be pulled, and yet another tooth in the back with an infection (poor root canal), has to also be pulled. But my oral surgeon says none of my teeth need to be removed. So my second question is this, just how bad

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Best dental insurance for wisdom teeth? : Dentistry

My wisdom teeth are growing in and it’s shifting my teeth

I know it’s not very very important to get rid of them…. I mean half of the world doesn’t. But USA does

So because they are crooked. Like growing sideways. I’m going to get rid of them.

What are the best insurance for me to get? Does anyone have recommendations?

I’m trying to not spend too much. Like under $1,000 for 4 wisdom teeth?

Please guide me in the right direction!

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My wisdom teeth might be coming in, shouls I be worried?

So, on tge right side of my top jaw I have a tooth poking through on the side of my jaw. It isnt painful or intrusive, and I barely notice it. The only problem I can foresee is the fact that the tooth has caused a bit of skin to detach. What's the ideal course of action, going to tge dentist is an optiin, just not one I want to do right now. What do i need to look out for?

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Would it be wrong to ask my dentist for a new set of whitening trays? : Dentistry

Would it be wrong to ask my dentist for a new set of whitening trays? : Dentistry

I asked my dentist for a set of whitening trays and the office made them for free, which I appreciated. The only issue I have is that they are kind of crudely fashioned and cover my gums – they look like this. So when some of the bleaching gel spreads, it gets on my gums under the tray and I have no way of wiping it off. Whereas when I Google “whitening trays,” most of them look like this — they are scalloped and only cover the teeth, so you would be able to wipe off any excess from the surrounding gums.

Does this make sense as a request to ask my dentist office for these kind of trays?

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Chronic pain after fillings… twice! : Dentistry

So I (29, F) have had 3 fillings in my life. The first when I was 16 was a metal filling (excuse my laymen’s term here and probably for the rest of the post). I have had no problems with it whatsoever.

In January 2018 I had another filling completed by a new dentist. This is, what I think is called, a composite filling. It’s white, not metal. It’s in a molar on my top left side. I had no pain before the filling or during the filling. After the filling I noticed sharp pain (no sensitivity to temperature) when I would bite on something hard with that tooth. So about two weeks later I went back to the dentist who said I might have sprained tooth syndrome. She adjusted the filling and advised me not to chew on that side of my mouth for a week. I followed the directions, but the pain remained. I went back for 2 additional adjustments (during which I bite/chew on a piece of paper and the dentist files the filling). The pain remains. The dentist told me that the tooth probably needs a cap for the pain to go away. The pain only happens when I’m chewing something hard (nachos, seeds, etc). So I decided I could just chew hard things on the right side of my mouth and save my money.

So, April of 2019, I get another composite filling by the same dentist. This one in a molar on the bottom left side of my mouth. And the EXACT same thing has happened. No pain before the filling. No pain during the filling. That night after the filling I bite down on something hard, and sharp, shooting pain! This time the pain was on the bottom and slightly more forward in

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