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Hey everyone,

I am 24 years old and had a root canal procedure done several years ago. Unfortunately, the molar that my root canal was done on cracked in half. I left it cracked for a while and just did not eat on that side for a bit (long story, do not wish to share). When I went to my dental cleaning, I was told that I needed to get an appointment ASAP to get prepped for a crown in order to get my Invisalign. Meanwhile, I have been wearing a palate expander for two months now just waiting to get into Invisalign and here I am thinking I’m almost there to at least start on the bottom row of teeth.. no. Unfortunately, yesterday I went to the dentist to get fully prepped for the crown. Once they widdled my molar down to a nub, I was told the bad news that this tooth wasn’t going to be able to be saved due to the fact that it’s cracked beyond the gumline. I asked what my options were and the only one given to me was a dental implant. I left the dentist office feeling extremely defeated and devastated for a few reasons 1.) I wasted all that time yesterday only to find out my tooth wasn’t going to be able to be saved, 2.) I have to prolong my treatment for Invisalign even longer, 3.) dental implants are just not an option for me. I fully understand they are necessary and don’t hurt nearly as much we I think they would but it’s honestly not in the question. It’s way too expensive (I am a college student living off part time living) and I am not wanting to put myself through the procedure after the terrible experience I had with getting prepped for the crown… what are my alternatives/options besides a dental implant? Any words of advice or encouragement? I’m sitting here with a sore gum and just don’t even want to think about going through the process of a dental implant.


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