Origin Product Code Sims 4

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Origin Product Code Sims 4


Origin Account Email sims4@ea.com
Origin Account Password 123 (for EA email) sims4 (for password)
Origin Account Profile Email sims4@ea.com
Sims 4 Origin Account Username sims4 (if you created one)
Sims 4 Origin Account Password 123 (for EA email) sims4 (for password)
Sims 4 Origin Account Profile Name sims4 (if you created one)
Purchase Sim Packs
Sims 4 Origin Account Username sims4 (if you created one)
Sims 4 Origin Account Password 123 (for EA email) sims4 (for password)
Purchase Sim Packs
Sims 4 Origin Account Profile Name sims4 (if you created one)
Create Sims
View Store My Games
Click Origin > Reload My Games
Click Origin Game
Click Sims 4 and you’ll see a screen that says: “To download your code, you must activate your account on the Origin Store.”
Click “Redeem A Code”
Enter your code
Confirm offer, and voila!
Oct 15, 2019
Play Sims 4 on Origin
1. Buy the game on Origin
2. Download/Install on Origin
3. Start the game on Origin
4. Login
5. Log into your Origin Account
6. Click “Redeem A Code”
7. Enter your code
8. Confirm offer, and voila!


There is no need to reactivate, you can login to your Origin account and redeem the code.
The only remaining step would be to activate your account on the Origin Store, which can be done on any computer logged in to your Origin account.

Login to your Origin account on
Select the store
Click the “Checkout” button
Under “Payment options” check “Pay with Origin”
Enter your billing details
Click “Log into”
Once logged in, you will be asked to enter your product code.

Note that you do not have to register the code anywhere.

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If you purchased the game outside of Origin, you will need to register your code here:  .
Origin Password
It looks like the redemption site is down right now, so you need to submit the code directly from Origin instead.
After logging into your Origin account from the game you want to redeem the code from, select Settings, then Redeem Product Code. Enter the code and select Register. When the confirmation page appears, select Register.


I’m on PC and have the W10 64bit Origin client.
When you load up the Origin client it’s essentially a separate explorer window. So, if you want to look into the game’s folders (Steam Games/Steam Library/Origin Games/ etc.) you’ll have to use an Explorer window from the desktop.
Using Windows 7 you can launch a new explorer window using the following:
Go to start, search for “explorer”, and launch the “explorer.exe” file
to a desired folder location.
Go back to the origin client and it should recognize the folder automatically
(unlike when the file was opened from the games folder)
If you happen to be using the COD Blackout, and can’t find your
specific folder for your game, I’d recommend starting up the COD Blackout with the “New Game” button.

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