Opening 2 Practices Simultaneously : Dentistry


Wanted to get input on this. What if you graduated dental school, worked as an associate at a private practice did CE in implants, ortho, and sedation. Then, u go buy 2 cheaper practices with upward potential at the same time. Work at one 3 days a week. Work at the other 3 days a week. Eventually, grow both practices to where it’s busy enough to stay open 5 days a week add an associate/partner on board at both places. Ur still working at both locations, but ur still majority owner. Eventually u keep growing and then u hire another associate dentist at both practices, and by the end u own 2 $1 million+ production practices with / dentists at each, but u worked it up urself and did the grunt/management work, so u get the biggest % equity. And by the end u aren’t you doing clinical work anymore. Is this doable?


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