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Hey Reddit Dentists,

Apologies for another “what’s wrong with me” post but a bit tight on funds & health insurance atm & kinda freaked out. Yesterday night was the first day I noticed slight pain on the roof of my mouth:

For some reason I couldn’t upload the images directly. Re: the sore, I can think of two possible, minor, contributing factors:

  1. I’ve recently started brushing harder on the back of my teeth – since it’s hard to see the back of your top teeth, I imagine that it’s quite easy to start irritating the adjacent gum area

  2. I recently ate some corn chips & vividly remember painfully biting down to a chip piercing the roof of my mouth – however, I cannot say with certainty that’s in the same spot.

Are there any serious possible underlying diagnoses here? Really short on resources atm so rather not make an appointment unless it’s something serious.

Either way, can’t express my gratitude enough, ya’ll are some real heroes out here.


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