New night guard and oral yeast infection : Dentistry

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Got a new bottom teeth night guard a week ago today. Stopped vaping 5 days ago and now on the patch. 3 days ago tongue pain started and has got worse. Today I woke up with awful taste in my mouth, my tongue and inner lip is raw, sore to talk, swallow etc. Doc says it’s oral yeast infection and has prescribed a gel which I fetch in the morning.

I brush twice a day and floss every night. Night guard soaked in Listerine mouthwash when I wake up. Have been using upper teeth night guards for over a year and never had this before. Got this new one a week ago.

  1. Is it normal for this to be extremely sore? I can’t even eat.

  2. Could new night guard cause this? 3.Any advice?

Ugh 🙁


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