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hey guys. slight backstory. i am a dentist who graduated about 2 years ago. i worked for a year in a hospital after graduation following which my contract ended. after this i struggled to find a job and have now gone over 6 months without a job as a dentist. the pandemic has resulted in job opportunities also plummeting

main reason for post is i have always had an anxiety issue which of course was exacerbated during dental school. i would consider myself having a high functioning anxiety. but it definitely takes a toll because of the constant fear, overthinking and stress i feel daily. once corona ends ill need to really do my best to find a job as im struggling financially. but i have a large amount of fear. fear to practice dentistry. im scared to practice, scared to do an endo, just plain scared. knowing that im scared to do the one thing i studied so long to do is scary in itself.

i just need some advice on what i can do to alleviate this fear. will it ever go. spending 5 years to become a dentist then being too afraid to be a dentist… its embarrassing, sad and im pretty lost in my life now. if i was a wealthy man i just wouldn’t bother going back to dentistry, but im not and need the money.

i just want any guidance


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