My wisdom tooth officially died today, potentially gross : Dentistry


Although I’ve had a relatively good dental routine for the last several months, there was a period of my life where I rarely brushed my teeth, going weeks or months between brushings. Today while going through my usual routine, while swishing my mouth wash around, I suddenly felt several solid chips of tooth, and after spitting it out and feeling with my finger, I confirmed that one of my teeth had just fallen apart. It caught me off guard because I haven’t had any pain in that tooth or any nearby teeth, nor have I experienced any problems with it. After looking at it closer I realized it was one of my wisdom teeth.

My question is essentially, is it possible that this tooth dying is not because of poor dental hygiene? I’ve heard of wisdom teeth dying on their own, regardless of how good or bad the person’s dental hygiene was. It would break my heart to know that my neglect has led to at least one tooth completely dying, and really scary to think that others could suffer the same fate, unable to do anything about it.


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