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Download ★★★★★

Download ★★★★★






My USB Menu Free Download (Final 2022)

* Allows multiple languages to be run from a single stick.
* All supported languages include English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.
* Works seamlessly, with no flicker or incompatibilities.
* You can open and run anything on a stick; all types of documents, games, any other programs – even the installation files!
* My USB Menu Serial Key replaces the need to create virtual drives, as it easily and conveniently allows programs to be launched from a drive.
* The programs are installed in “restore modes”, which will allow you to load them from a USB, even if the physical media are lost.
* Support for “Windoze” and “Mac” files.
* USB Mass Storage support for files larger than 4GB.

Product Media

Installation CD

Sample Video:

Customer Reviews

My USB Menu – (Freeware Windows) is rated
5.0 out of
5 by

Rated 5 out of
5 by
PCWorldUSER from
Great for People who don’t like to install on the PC and always run from external media.

Date published: 2017-10-16

Rated 5 out of
5 by
Spaz from
It brings joy to the world!

Date published: 2017-09-27

Rated 5 out of
5 by
Skid from
What an amazing app! I was amazed at how easy the install was. After the first restart, it was running and ready to go. I love the fact that it is a freeware, too!

Date published: 2016-12-06

Rated 1 out of
5 by
D2096 from
Have spent almost an hour looking for an active activation download link for this and none exists. If there was an active download link I would never spend $50.00 on this app.

Date published: 2016-12-01

Rated 5 out of
5 by
ThankingGod from
Purchased on Black Friday and at last am trying this review software. Easy to use, simple to understand. I liked it so much that I bought again and again.

Date published: 2016-11-27

Rated 3 out of
5 by
LUV2SKY from
I’ve used it for a while, but the menu items are not intuitive, since they are being handled by My USB Menu.
If you start using

My USB Menu With Product Key

My USB Menu Cracked 2022 Latest Version is the best solution to run your favorite applications on any USB storage, thus saving your precious PC space.
My USB Menu Download With Full Crack include 3 Autorun utilities: Autorun Repair, Autorun Format and USB View.
Downloads My USB Menu

AutoRun Repair

Heuristic Error Codes

USB Format

USB View

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Here is a list of common problems and solutions associated with Autorun Repair.Autorun Repair Problems

This is a simple and easy to use utility, that is able to automatically detect and repair the autorun.inf files, as well as the Autorun Registry to make sure that they point to the correct file to run the intended application.

In this video, I will show you how to perform a low-level format on a USB flash drive.
In order to do this, you will first need to ensure you have the low-level format tool installed.
If you have an ancient version of Windows installed, then you can use the instructions found at the end of the video to easily perform a low-level format.
Note: To perform a low-level format, you will need to be logged in as an administrator

Steps To Perform a Low-level Format

1) Plug your USB flash drive into your computer
2) Click Start, and then select My Computer
3) Right click on the USB flash drive and select Format from the list of options that appear
4) In the drop down menu that appears, click the New Format button
5) Press the Enter key to confirm and you will be taken to a window where you can select the type of low-level format you want to perform.
6) You can choose between Full, Simple, or OEM

The Special Offers section

1) When you activate this version of the software, you will be able to download two files:
2) You will be able to use these files (if you do not want to download the original software from the official site) to:
1) Remove ads that appear in the main screen of the software after installation.
2) Get a free product with your registration.
3) Get 3 of your friends to enter your license code and get them a free product.

My USB Menu License Keygen

Create USB and SD flash drives, DVDs and USB/SD drives. Load from ISO file,
image, or file system. Allows you to mount ISO files or USB/SD drives
directly from the tool. Supports USB mass storage,.img and.img+ files.
Supporting USB, and MemoryStick/MMC cards. The program can be used with
all USB-supported systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, UNIX and other
OSes. Allows you to control USB operation, and the various underlying
devices and drivers. It also provides detailed information on USB
hardware. My USB Menu has: Main Menu – Computer Settings – USB/SD
Drive – USB Startup – USB Tools – USB Manager – BIOS Settings – USB
Hardware Statistics – USB Image Format – USB Auto Format. My USB Menu
(freeware) is a small tool with large functionality. My USB Menu
supports Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. Is a bootable disk or disk image.
It provides a very convenient one-click method of launching any drive.
By dragging-and-dropping one or more file extensions to the toolbar
you can easily start with the associated apps. The programs My USB
Menu can also include the smaller software utilities Autorun Repair,
USB Format (bootable supported) and USB View. The programs are small,
lightweight and can replace many other software tools.

System requirements: Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

My USB Menu Screenshot:

My USB Menu with the main menu up:

Hardware used:

Asus K550L motherboard
1 GB DDR2 memory
2 GB CF HD to store programs
2 USB ports
Asus USB/SD card reader
1.8 volt power supply
Windows XP Home Edition


FreeBSD provides USBflash disk drivers on all supported architectures. It has support for numerous file formats and can also use Uncooked images (raw images without an operating system).
But if you’re more interested in installing on a USB drive, there is also a utility called USBinstall. It’s a quite simple tool that provides a GUI to browse and mount some of the most popular distributions (including FreeBSD) from USB drives.
It’s free, but the GUI itself costs $15 for commercial use.


Aside from the OS and USB disk drivers which

What’s New In My USB Menu?

A program that unifies the most powerful application launcher and boot manager on
the market




Techie Toolbox



File Size:

0.30 MB

Release Date:


You can find more information about this software at their official website.


How to uninstall My USB Menu from your computer

1. Use Advanced Uninstaller PRO to remove My USB Menu from your computer. This program can quickly remove My USB Menu and all its components (including the uninstaller itself). Please read the following release notes before proceeding:

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The software included in this site has been developed to work on Windows 9x/Me/NT-based systems, and on other systems too; however, adware’s interactions with the system are limited to the appearance of advertising banners.

Download and use My USB Menu as long as you like. You can even enjoy it on your portable devices. After the 30-day trial period the trial version expires and you will be prompted to purchase a licensed version. Please write down your license key and you can use the full version for much longer.

No more spyware/adware!

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or better, 3.0 GHz
Hard disk: 15GB
DirectX: Version 9.0
Video: 1 GB NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or ATI Radeon HD 2900
Hard disk space: 1 GB
Web browser: Internet Explorer 8
How to install it
Click on the Download button at the right side of this page to download file.
After downloading the file extract file and drag

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