My tooth just broke inside of my mouth, what should I do? : Dentistry


I know the obvious answer is to see a dentist, but I have no coverage and am completely broke right now 🙁 I’m just wondering if there’s anything I can do at home, or is this something that should be checked out fairly urgently?

I had a large hole in one of my molars that I think was there because I had lost a filling somehow. Its been gaping open for months now but I try to rinse my mouth after eating to prevent food getting stuck in it. I brush my teeth at least once every day and always have, but I have struggled with dental problems all of my life and have had multiple fillings, a root canal (that fell out years later), and pulled teeth. It has been awful for me because dental things give me severe anxiety and panic attacks, so bad that I once as a child had a dentist ask my mom not to bring me back again because of how much of a fit I had.

I haven’t been to the dentist in years due to financial issues and I’ve had two issues that I’ve really needed to get checked out but haven’t. 1st, my wisdom teeth are growing in very much the wrong way, and two, I cannot stop grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw at night. I wake up with a stiff jaw that cracks and clicks first thing in the morning when I open my mouth.

Just now, I was eating and felt the tooth with the hole break. I spat it out and rinsed my mouth. The inside of the other half of the tooth is fully exposed along with some raw gum. It bled the tiniest bit and didnt hurt at all but I know how bad dental pain can get so I’m worried about it getting worse. Do I need to try to get seen by a dentist soon or can I manage at home?


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